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Upselling Graduation

Take advantage of the booming season!

Graduation time presents many opportunities for increased sales. Here’s our tips for attaining heightened profits during Graduation season.

INCLUDE “GRADUATION” IN YOUR TILES: Picture Joe. Joe is scrolling through your eBay store because he is looking for a new Sound bar. As he browses, he sees a listing for “Top Graduation Present! Sony Noise-cancelling headphones”

A lightbulb goes off and Joe recalls that his niece is graduating in a month. He adds the headphones to his cart, and later, the Sound bar he was originally looking for. Score! You can remind shoppers that Graduation time is coming up by including this call-out in your listing title, instantly creating the demand for those who might have overlooked it otherwise.

We recommend starting this practice in late May. By including the graduation call-out in your listing, not only will you capture customers like Joe, but you’ll win the sale from people who would have resorted to ordering from Amazon Prime or paying full-retail at the store a day before graduation, had they not seen your call-out.

You also have the chance to attain a sale from those who might have not purchased a gift at all, benefiting from the “might as well” mentality. Joe might have had no intent of getting his niece a Graduation present, but since he was already buying a Sound bar from you, he figured he might as well buy the pair of headphones too while he’s at it. Double score.

OFFER FREE ADD-ON ITEMS: Throwing in a free flash drive, pack of batteries, flashlight, USB or HDMI cable, tablet case, or other smaller items currently trending for graduation that can really make or break a sale. Everyone loves something free, and if the free gift coordinates with the main item for sale, such as a free case or screen protector with the purchase of a tablet, it is almost a guarantee that shoppers will buy your product over your competition. Many of these add-on items can be sourced for pennies on the dollar from, some can be found at the dollar store and others on other bulk wholesale websites.

A pro tip would be to raise the price of the item for sale by a dollar or two, so that the cost associated with the free gift doesn’t eat too much into your profits. Make sure to mention the free gift in your listing title as well, for example “College Essential – 300-thread count Twin sheet set with FREE shower caddy gift!”

USE PROMOTIONS: The beauty of Graduation season is that you have the opportunity to sell buyers multiple goods at one time, as the list of items needed for entering or graduating from college is a mile long. Using promotions will influence shoppers to buy many of the items on their list from your store instead of shopping around. We have provided you with a checklist of all the most popular merchandise for both high school and college grads, so you have plenty of time to source these items and create profit-busting promotions to upsell your customers and move an abundance of product.

Here are a few ideas of various promotions you can implement that will help you secure more than one purchase per customer.

  • Free shipping when you buy any two “Graduation” items
  • Get 10% off your second graduation essential
  • 30% off your total when you buy four Graduation items or more

CREATE BUNDLES:Another great way to sell more than one item per customer is to create Graduation bundles. Working off of the aforementioned checklist, you can create Graduation sets or bundles, grouping together multiple items. It will be valuable for your buyer, offering the convenience of purchasing numerous Graduation essentials at once, and for you, it means moving multiple products simultaneously.

You can allow for customization of the set, letting customers select various colors, sizes, etc. for each item if you have the inventory available to do so, or you can group together items as-is.

Some examples of Graduation bundles would be:

  • The Ultimate High School Graduation Tech Set: Laptop computer, Bluetooth headphones, external hard drive and a battery bank
  • College-bound Dorm Bundle: Sheet set, microwave, single-cup coffee maker and a hand-held vacuum
  • College-grad Apartment Starter Kit: Bedding, cookware such as a crockpot or blender, flatware and hand-held tools
  • High School Grad Essentials Collection: First aid kit, laundry baskets, shower caddy, flash light

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