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New Life for Unwanted Gifts — It’s High Season for Firms That Resell Returned Items
The Washington Post — December 29, 2007

Each holiday season, we relegate our unwanted gifts to the return bins of retailers across the country and never think of them again. But these items have a second life. “We help [stores] rapidly convert those excess items into cash sales,” said Bill Angrick, chief executive of Liquidity Services, a District company that works with many big-box stores. With Liquidity Services, retailers ship their unwanted merchandise to one of the company’s six distribution centers across the country as frequently as once a week. The company then inspects and sorts the goods before holding a private online auction for interested buyers, typically small businesses. Read more>

Want Items Seized by DC Police? Buy ‘Em Online
Washington Post Express — October 30, 2007

It’s possible you’ll recognize some of the items for sale at — many of them came from the streets of the District. The District’s batch of items seized by police were once sold off to buyers at auctions. Now, everything from decommissioned police cruisers to cars and trucks swiped from criminals are online for prospective purchasers to page through as easily as they might surf eBay. Read more>

eBay Live 2007: Best of Show
e-Commerce Guide — June 18, 2007

The 6th annual eBay Live conference wrapped up Saturday with Kool and the Gang helping attendees celebrate good times, but now it’s back to business. For those of you who didn’t make it to Boston, here we’ll highlight some of the exhibitors that caught our eye or made announcements. Read more>

Seized Cars Up for Auction
Washington Examiner — August 1, 2007, the District of Columbia’s private online auctioneer, is in the midst of its latest seized-vehicle sell-off. Liquidity Services Inc., the parent of, regularly conducts auctions of city assets. Since August 2006, the District MPD has rid itself of nearly $175,000 worth of stuff, including dishwashers, lawn mowers, laptops, tires, ladders, golf clubs, camera equipment, jackhammers, bicycle frames, mixed electronics, power tools, a six-man dome tent and a portable gazebo. Read more>

Getting a Return on Returns
NRF Stores Magazine — June 1, 2007

Customer returns have started to clog up the backroom; unsold seasonal inventory is spreading to every nook and cranny of the store — and the cost of shipping all this back through the supply chain threatens to undo the bottom line. Faced with scenarios like this, many retailers are choosing different paths for surplus merchandise — liquidation or online auctions. These are methods that can work to the advantage of both buyers and sellers. We recently spoke with Bill Angrick, CEO of Liquidity Services, an online wholesale marketplace. Read more>

Sell It Again, Sam
Business Week — June 4, 2007

LSI ranks #18 in BusinessWeek’s annual tally of the 100 hottest small companies in the U.S. By drawing thousands of buyers to a single online marketplace to win higher sales, this dot-com is reinventing the resale and surplus industries the way other internet auctioneers transformed flea markets. Analysts predict that this “reverse logistics” market will hit $63 billion in 2008. “The opportunity,” says CEO Bill Angrick, “is incredible.” Read more>

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