How to Reduce Your Shipping Costs

There are a number of ways small business owners can decrease their shipping costs without negatively impacting order fulfillment. Whether you are stocking inventory from or sending shipments to customers, these tips and tricks will help you save valuable time and money.

Quick Tips to Reduce Your Shipping Costs

Before you set up your online storefront, you will need to decide on a domain name for your site; the domain name should be the same or very similar to the name you choose for your business. This consistency will help customers remember who you are and how to get to your website. Selecting a domain name for your online store is one of the most important tasks for your business, so be sure to take the following tips into consideration:

  • 1. Take advantage of cost savings for first class mail packages weighing less than 13 ounces
  • 2. Save by using priority mail to ship packages between 14 ounces and 3 pounds
  • 3. Pack items in smaller containers to eliminate paying shipping surcharge fees based on package weight and size for dimensional weight and oversize packages
  • 4. Speak with your supply vendor to learn if your business is eligible for volume based shipping discounts
  • 5. Join a trade organization — many offer delivery discounts
  • 6. Monitor online freight broker systems for information about the best shipping rates and shipping costs for individual in-bound or out-bound truck freight shipments
Electronic Package Processing

Electronic package processing offers discounts to businesses using this postal system for shipping. There is a monthly fee applied against the discount savings for submitting information regarding express and priority mail electronically. However, if you are shipping mid-to-high volumes of packages each year the shipping cost reduction potential is worth it.

Reduce Your Shipping Costs on provides a convenient way for buyers to consolidate delivery and reduce the price of shipping by combining packages and pallets into one larger pallet, truckload, or even multiple truckload shipments. To do this, buyers must choose to arrange their own shipping. has four convenient warehouse locations: Plainfield, Indiana; Garland, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada and Cranbury, New Jersey. Please note will not combine orders from multiple locations, or from the same location using LSI-arranged shipping.

In addition, offers small business owners the opportunity to receive a shipping discount provided multiple auctions are shipped from the same location with LSI-arranged shipping. Small business owners are required to provide a point of contact, phone number and address when the consolidated shipping arrangements are completed. will coordinate all shipping arrangements with a shipping partner. However, the small business owner pays for the cost of shipping all items including duties and taxes for international shipments. Small business owners may calculate shipping estimates by using the online shipping quote tool provided by These shipping estimates are based upon rates established by the shipping carriers associated with and are subject to change.

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