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Make a Video or Write an Article for us to Share and Earn 10% Off Your Next Auction.

The liquidation industry is more of an art than a science, and we know many buyers have developed strategic approaches and crafty tactics for buying and selling overstock merchandise and even salvage items – with great knowledge and advice to offer!

If you already have a blog established, routinely post unboxing videos on Youtube or perhaps never documented your tricks of the trade, but have a fool-proof strategy you wouldn’t mind sharing with us, we’ll give you discounts on future transactions from


How it Works

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Record a video, unboxing a auction, detailing your reactions to the merchandise, your expectations for profits, where you plan to sell, etc.

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Write an article detailing your tips and tricks to sourcing merchandise and/or reselling, your personal experience in this business, work-arounds that improve profits, etc.


*A qualified piece must meet the following standards:

  • A written advice piece offering tips, tricks, work-arounds, a personal experience, etc. Topics can be for both buying and/or selling. Pieces must be in written in paragraph form and may contain lists and/or bullets but must not exclusively be a list or bullets. Photos are encouraged, but not required. Each piece must contain at least 800 words.

Submitted written pieces will be reviewed by where edits may be made for grammar.

  • A link to a public video on Youtube or Vimeo. This can be an unboxing video, a FAQ, question/answer, merchandise walkthrough, etc. Videos cannot contain any foul language as this will disqualify from receiving a discount.
  • All pieces submitted may be used for marketing purposes and combined with other submitted pieces. Unless otherwise instructed in your piece submission, your first name and last name initial will be credited to your piece.

All submitted pieces will be reviewed on the first business day of every month, and discounts codes will be sent via email no later than the 15th of every month. Submissions on or after the first of every month will be reviewed the following month. The 10% discount is exclusive to the recipient of the piece and is valid for one transaction, is nontransferrable and cannot be combined with any other offer from

IMPORTANT: In order to receive your 10% promo code, you must be subscribed to our Special Alerts email campaigns. To manage your email preferences, please click here, and make sure 'Special Alerts' is checked.

Once in receipt of submitted articles or videos, maintains ownership and can market material as seen fit.