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What types of product will I find on offers a wide variety of bulk wholesale merchandise catering to the unique needs of professional buyers with products ranging from new, used, shelf pulls, refurbished, returns, and salvage in many different categories.

Our product categories consist of Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry & Watches, Computers & Networking, Consumer Electronics, General Merchandise, Housewares, Tools & Machinery, and Store Fixtures & Fixtures.

Majority of auctions begin bidding at $100 with no reserve, letting the marketplace decide the final price. Be sure to check back often with new auctions being added daily!

What value-added services does offer?

  • Management of the entire logistical process of picking up and delivering goods
  • Shipment tracking
  • Assistance with questions regarding international shipping arrangements
  • Detailed reporting
  • Dedicated customer service support
  • Liaise between buyers and sellers to provide neutral, unbiased support in the event of a dispute
  • Minimization of your liability by using FOB destination shipping methods rather than FOB origin, thus protecting the buyer's right to dispute the merchandise

How can I buy from

Step 1: Register
Registering as a buyer on is free and easy. Simply click here to start the registration process.

We value the integrity of your data and the information you provide will be verified. If we need additional information, our support team will contact you. Within 72 hours of being verified you will receive a response confirming your membership.

If you have questions about our registration or verification process you may contact us by phone at 1-800-498-1909 or email us at

Step 2: Find Merchandise
Browse auctions on our site by performing a basic keyword search from the search bar on every page, or by clicking on Advanced Search beneath the search bar for additional search options.

To be notified automatically when items of interest to you are added to our site, set up a Search Agent or sign up for Email Alerts.

Step 3: Bid
Provided your registration has been verified, you may bid on any auction by entering your maximum bid in the "Place Bid" box on any auction view page.

Please note: a valid credit card and shipping address in required to be on file in order to place a bid.

Step 4: Pay for an Auction
Depending on the Auction Type and Transaction amount, we accept PayPal, Credit Card or Wire Transfer.

Please note: any transaction over $5,000, or from outside of the United States (U.S.), will require payment via a Wire Transfer.

Step 5: Receive Assets
Assets are typically shipped within 4 business days of receipt of payment.

Step 6: Manage Your Account
Visit the My Account section to view transactions, change your profile, set up saved search agents, add auctions to your watch list, and much more!

Note: Government Liquidation or LiquiBiz users who have not registered with must register on before being able to buy or sell.

How do I change my username?

For integrity purposes, requests for username changes must be made to Please provide two options for the suggested username change and we will update your account with the first one not already in use. If your suggested username changes are not available, we will provide an appropriate substitution.

What if I forget my username and/or password?

Click here to retrieve your username or reset your password. You may also email us at or call 1-800-498-1909 for assistance.

How do I find merchandise?

Search for auctions easily using one of the following methods:

Home Page
Some of the best deals are featured in the Hot Auctions section on the Home Page. Additionally, by clicking on a category within the header navigation you can begin a broad search and narrow your results using our filtered options on the left side.

Search Bar
Use the search box to find auctions by keyword, product category or location.

Advanced Search
Under the Search box, click on Advanced to use the advanced search utility to find auctions meeting a more detailed criterion. Search by seller, auction ID, auction title, price, condition, shipping terms, retail price, and so much more!

Email Alerts
Sign up for Email Alerts and receive weekly emails and/or occasional Special Alert emails depending on your preferences.

Search Agents
Search Agents are product searches created by you based on the specific criteria you indicate. To enable a Search Agent, log into My Account and click on the Search Agents link on the left side. If matching results occur, an email will be sent with the matching results twice a week.

What are the differences in Product Conditions listed on the auctions?

New assets are in original packaging and possess all of the characteristics, qualities and features as advertised by the manufacturer.

Traditionally, they are overstock items that were never offered for sale in a retail environment or used in any way.

Refurbished assets are used, but have been inspected, tested and restored to fully working condition. They rarely come in their original packaging and seldom contain any documentation or any additional parts and/or accessories.

Due to their operational history, refurbished assets possess noticeable cosmetic defects and/or blemishes, including but not limited to dents, scratches and signs of age.

Returned merchandise were assets sold to a customer, who then either physically brought the item back to a store or mailed it to a specified location. Reasons for returning a product may not have any correlation to its utility (i.e., size, color, model, etc.), and as a result may be in fine working order.

The majority of returns, however, do have some operational and/or cosmetic problems. Depending on a company's return policy, these items may also reflect a measurable amount of use. In addition, since most of these items are sent through a reverse supply chain (e.g. from a customer back to a store or a centralized warehouse), they can show signs of further handling. Timestamped products, such as food, supplements, car seats, and refrigerators, may be expired.

Returns may not come in their original packaging and often do not have any of the advertised documentation or additional parts and/or accessories. Accordingly, returns can exhibit a wide range of individual product and package conditions that can differ substantially from the original manufacturing.

Shelf Pulls
Shelf pulls were assets previously available for sale in a retail environment, but were never sold. They usually possess one or more price tags and/or stickers, indicating multiple markdowns and have been exposed to appreciable customer contact.

In addition, since most of these items are sent through a reverse supply chain (e.g. from a retailer back to a centralized warehouse), they can show signs of further handling. Accordingly, Shelf Pulls may exhibit a wide range of individual product and package conditions that can differ substantially from the original manufacturing.

Used assets were previously sold, put into use and possess noticeable cosmetic defects and blemishes, including but not limited to dent, scratches and signs of age. Since these assets are usually pulled from a working environment, they rarely come in their original packaging and rarely contain any documentation, additional parts and/or accessories. They are minimally tested to meet the basic requirements of functionality, and therefore may not be in optimal working condition as they may require additional maintenance and repair.

Salvage assets have been identified as defective for reasons concerning their functionality, appearance or both. Salvage assets usually can only be used for parts and are therefore recommended for professional buyers specialized in repairs or resale parts.

Who supplies the merchandise found on

Merchandise on includes product from retailers, manufacturers, public sector agencies, financial institutions, service companies, and logistics providers. They are either provided to for warehouse processing, or held at the seller's location for pick-up or shipment. The auction page specifies the location of inventory.

How can I be notified of specific items or product categories for sale?

You may sign up for Email Alerts or set up a Search Agent in order to be notified when new merchandise is available.

How can I find out where the merchandise is located?

The location of the merchandise can be found on the auction page below the "Place Bid" box. In addition, this information is also listed under the summary section on the auction page.

How do I place a bid?

Place your bid by entering your maximum bid amount in the box on any auction page. Once you click "Place Bid," we will ask you to provide, or select, your shipping address. in addition, if no credit card is on file we'll require one to be provided at this time. Upon selection, the system will display a confirmation screen of your desired bids, allowing you to verify your information before you "Confirm Bid".

Why am I required to submit shipping and credit card information to place a bid?

By requiring a credit card and shipping address, we wish to ensure that bids are not placed illegitimately and that only the most serious bidders participate.

How can I automatically increase my bid? What is Proxy Bidding?

You can use proxy bidding to automatically bid on your behalf. To use this feature, enter your maximum bid amount (highest bid you are willing to pay) into the bid box on the auction page. Our system will record your maximum bid amount and place a bid at the current lowest minimum bid. If another bidder outbids your lowest minimum bid, the system will automatically place another bid putting you back as the current winning bidder. The proxy bidding system will continue to make the lowest minimum bids on your behalf until you are the winner of the auction or until another bidder bids higher than your maximum bid. Proxy bids are completely private and are never displayed to other bidders.

What does "Buy Now" mean?

"Buy Now" is a feature that allows you to instantly purchase an auction for a fixed price rather than placing a bid. This feature is only available for certain sealed bid and regular auctions. If an auction is eligible for a fixed price, you will see the required fixed price listed. Please note that by clicking on the "Buy Now" button and confirming your purchase on the following pages, you will have won the auction and are required to complete payment immediately.

What if I lose connectivity while bidding?

A bid only goes through once you see a confirmation page. If this page does not appear, your bid is not valid and was not accepted. If you do not see a confirmation page, please call our support team immediately at 1-800-498-1909.

How do I know if I've been outbid?

You will receive an email indicating another bidder has outbid your highest bid amount. If the auction is still open, you will have a chance to place a new, or proxy bid by going back to the auction page or by logging into My Account. In addition, you can sign up for SMS outbid alerts and get notified via text message when you've been outbid, giving you the ability to increase your bid easily and on-the-go.

How can I monitor the status of my bids?

You can monitor the status of your bids by going to the My Account page. There you'll see auctions you're actively bidding on, watching and those you've won.

How do I know if I've won the auction?

If you're the highest bidder at the close of an auction, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Once we receive and process your payment, we will notify the seller and instruct them to prepare the merchandise for pick up and/or delivery to the shipping address on file.

How can I cancel a bid?

Your bid is a binding contract. Once the bid has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or retracted. If you are the winner and unable to complete the transaction, please contact us at 1-800-498-1909 as soon as possible to determine your options.

Why does the auction closing time get extended when an auction is about to close?

When a bid is submitted within the final 5 minutes of an auction, the auctions extends its closing time by an additional 5 minutes in order to prevent auction sniping - the practice of placing a bid just as an auction is about to close. The auction will be extended as many times as necessary until there are no bids placed in the last 3 minutes. The automatic auction extension benefits buyers because it gives you more time to respond with a new bid, rather than losing the merchandise to a sniper.

I am a new/first time buyer on, and I have already won 2 auctions. Why can't I place a bid on any additional auctions?

To help facilitate first time buyers in having a positive and successful buying experience, you will be allowed to have a maximum of 2 outstanding transactions requiring payment at one time. Once your first two transactions have been paid, you are free to continue bidding until you win an additional auction. As soon as your first transaction is completed (delivered with no additional action needed by any involved parties), you will be able to bid without restrictions. It's important to note as a first time buyer purchasing Used or Salvage condition lots, you will need to pay via PayPal or Wire Transfer only.

What is a quantity variance?

Quantity variance is the percentage of items that are deemed to be either in excess of, or less than the amount listed on the auction; ranging from 1-10% per auction. For example: the lot you are viewing has100 items with a 2% quantity variance. you should expect to receive between 98 and 102 items.

What is a sealed bid auction?

Unlike a standard auction, a sealed bid auction does not allow buyers to view the bid history, or the minimum bid required to win the auction. Therefore, to place a competitive bid, buyers should indicate the highest amount they are willing to pay for that auction. The winning bidder is the one who submits the highest bid, so long as it meets the confidential minimum amount set by the seller. This winner will receive an email notification within two (2) business days of the auction close time with instructions for completing payment.

What is a Buyer's Premium?

A buyer's premium is a standard auctioneering fee that helps cover the costs associated with sourcing products, marketing auctions, running the marketplace, and managing services such as payment collection, fulfillment, testing, shipping and inspection.

All transactions will have sales tax applied to the buyer's premium per a mandate we received from the IRS. Whenever you bid or show interest in an auction, you will receive an email about sales taxes. This is the most direct way we have found to be able to notify active buyers of any sales tax changes. Please be sure to always periodically review your emails as they are automatically generated by our system whenever you place a bid or show interest in an auction.

What does it cost me to buy on

We do not charge a fee to register or browse through our marketplace. As a winning bidder, you'll pay the final auction price, the buyer's premium, applicable taxes, and appropriate shipping fees, which are collected prior to goods being shipped from the seller's location.

How do I pay?

Once an auction closes, and you are the winning bidder, you will receive an email with payment instructions. You may pay for your auctions online by logging into My Account and viewing the Transactions section. Simply click on the "Pay Now" link to complete your transaction.

What are the different payment options?



Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer Only

PayPal (US and CAD up to $5,000)**

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express up to $5,000)*

**For first-time buyers, credit cards will not be accepted for used or salvage assets.
*Payments from US Buyers must be made in USD, and payments from Canadian Buyers must be made in CAD.

Wire Transfer Only
A wire transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire from one bank account to another over the Federal Reserve Wire Network. Once your auction has closed and you are the confirmed winner, we will send you an email with all the relevant wire transfer account information for your transaction. You may also obtain this information by choosing the wire transfer option when you click on "Pay Now" in My Account. Be sure to take this information with you when you go to your bank to initiate the wire transfer.

Most banks require you to set up wire transfers by going into your local branch office as fraud protection measures. Be prepared to have the following on hand:

  • Picture ID
  • The wire transfer information has provided
  • The transaction number(s) you wish to pay for via a wire transfer
  • Transaction Number for the Auction

Speak with a bank representative to set up wire transfer and be sure to obtain a wire transfer confirmation.

Please send the completed wire confirmation to Be sure to include a list of the transaction IDs the wire is paying for, as this information will help get the funds applied as quickly as possible.

Please Note: We are able to apply most US Domestic wires if received by 2pm ET on the same business day. Typically, International Wire transfers are applied within 3 business days. Make all transfers prior to 2pm for processing to occur the same business day.

Once the bank has processed your payment and your order is ready to ship, you'll ben notified via email. In the meantime, you can check the status of your transaction online by going to My Account.

PayPal is a widely used payment method for online transactions. if you will be utilizing this as a payment method, please set up a PayPal Account prior to bidding to avoid any potential payment delays. You may do so by clicking here. U.S. and Canadian buyers may pay for any transaction up to $5,000 USD or CAD using their PayPal account. To pay for your auctions via PayPal, please choose this option after you select "Pay Now" in you Transactions section of the My Account page. Please Note: PayPal payments must be made in U.S. dollars for U.S. buyers and in CAD for Canadian buyers. Payment via PayPal can only be accepted by initiating payment from the website and are typically reflected in your account within 1 hour.

Credit card
U.S. and Canadian buyers may use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) to pay for any transaction up to $5,000. Simply enter the credit card number in the form provided at the time of payment and your transaction will be processed automatically using our secure server. Credit card payments usually are reflected within your account within the hour. It's important to note first-time buyers may not use a credit card to purchase Used or Salvage assets until they have successfully completed their first transaction on

Can I use more than one payment method to pay for a transaction?

At this time, we are unable to split the method of payment. Please choose one of our accepted methods of payments to remit in full.

When is my payment due?

Payment by winning bidder is due upon the close of the auction. This payment includes the full amount of the winning bid, the buyer's premium and finalized shipping charges. Payment must be received within 2 business days of auction closing to avoid any penalty and/or cancellation.

Is there a penalty if I don't make my payment on time?

Yes, there is a cancellation fee applied to any late payments. This fee is 15% of the auction lot price or $200, whichever is greater. If we do not receive the funds or payment within the specified time frame, your transaction will be aborted and your account may be suspended.

Is your payment processing secure?

Yes, all payment information will be stored and processed using our secure server. All data is transferred in an encrypted format, and can only be decrypted by or the processing bank.

Can I pay for more than one transaction at once?

Yes, you can pay for several transactions at once by using the wire transfer payment option only. Please indicate which transactions are included in the notes, or comments, section of your wire transfer and also make sure they are listed on the wire transfer confirmation. If paying with credit card or PayPal, you must process each transaction individually.

How do I check the status of my payment?

You can check the status of your payment online in My Account. We will also notify you via email as soon as your payment has cleared.

Why don't I see the credit card information I entered when placing my bid?

The credit card information you entered before you placed your bid was required for verification purposes only. Credit card information is encrypted for your security. You will not see the credit card number when making payment, as it would jeopardize the security of your information.

What is your policy regarding chargebacks and credit card fraud? offers an efficient dispute process, providing resolution for any dispute filed because of gross misrepresentation. As per our terms and conditions, buyers have agreed to use this dispute resolution process and should not use credit card chargebacks as an alternative way to resolve a dispute. Any buyer who attempts to rescind a credit card transaction (i.e. chargebacks), or disputed payment via PayPal without our express written consent will be IMMEDIATELY banned from

Do you have a miscellaneous payment to make?

Do you have one of the following payments to make? If so, please make payment via our encrypted online form by clicking here.

  • Cancellation fee
  • Pallet(s) left behind fee
  • Shipping - Consolidated/Additional charges
  • Short payment
  • Trash fee

Why am I being charged sales tax?

According to states sales tax laws, we are required to collect tax from any individual or business that purchases products on

Whenever you bid or show interest in an auction, you will receive an email about sales taxes. This is the most efficient way we've found to be able to notify active buyers of any sales tax changes. Please be sure to review the emails as they are automatically generated by our system whenever you place a bid or show interest in an auction.

If you or your organization are tax exempt, we must obtain the appropriate documentation in order to waive sales tax on your transactions: Sales Tax Exemption Portal

Once your tax exemption form has been applied to your account, refunds can be backdated for transactions that have not exceeded three (3) days in a completed status.

Who is responsible for shipping and/or shipping costs?

You, the buyer, are responsible for all shipping costs including duties and taxes for international shipments. will arrange and manage the shipping using one of our shipping partners, and we will insure the merchandise up to 100% of the value of the auction.

How do I get a shipping estimate?

Shipping estimates can be obtained by clicking on "Get a Shipping Quote" located within the "Shipping Details" section on each auction page. Our online shipping quote tool provides real-time shipping quote estimates.

Please Note: Shipping estimates are subject to change and are solely for estimation purposes. These quotes are based on rates charged by carriers. We will find and present the best rates available to All items are shipped by truck or ground service unless specified otherwise.

What factors affect the shipping rate quote? wants to give each customer the best transportation rates possible. We customize the quote for each shipment using multiple carriers and shipping methods. While the price of fuel fluctuates, we have also provided a reference guide below to understand other reasons how shipping costs are calculated or why they may vary.

Parcel (Under 150 lbs package)
Factors that may affect your shipping rate:

  • There is a minimum charge of $40.25 for each small package shipment
  • Both the weight of the shipment and the cube (size) can impact the cost to ship
  • Certain fragile merchandise or large items may ship LTL despite weighing less than 150lbs

Pallet/LTL (Less than 10 pallets and/or more than 150 lb package)
Factors that may affect your shipping rate:

  • The LTL shipping rate is based on distance, class, dimensions and weight- so some shipments that are heavier or have to travel a further distance will be more expensive to ship

Truckload (10-24 pallets)
Factors that may affect your shipping rate:

  • After 10 pallets we will quote both LTL and FTL to get each customer the best deal possible
  • We are unable to deliver truckload merchandise to a residence
  • Customers without a commercial dock should allow- 1-2 business days to quote and up to 5 business days to ship their merchandise (after payment) due to the unique equipment required. The buyer with this address type may be asked to provide a pallet jack and that will be communicated at the time we quote
  • The weight of the merchandise does not matter since FTL rates are typically fixed, however the weight must be less than 40,000 lbs
  • If we are able to we will do our best to fill a trailer by pinwheel loading which may allow more product to fit into a truck
  • Buyers may also request for product to be loaded as double pallets or hand-stacked but may require an additional fee to perform

Know the Shipping Details of your Auction
Note the location, size classification, and weight of the merchandise located in the Shipping Information section of each auction listing. This information will aid in your decision process, helping to determine the shipping cost. Most auctions will provide users to ability to receive a quote based on their delivery information.

Both LTL and FTL will have minimum fees despite close proximity between the origin and destination. As distance increases, the price will increase at a decreasing rate. Items that are shipped outside of the domestic US (including Hawaii and Alaska) will have higher shipping rates for all size classifications. International shipments will also have higher landed costs to transport based on applicable customs and duty expenses.

Update your Shipping Information
Before you bid, make sure your shipments will be delivered to the right location by verifying your shipping address and details on the Address tab of the Personal Information section under your My Account page. Having incorrect information (ex: stating you have a commercial dock when you do not) can result in shipment delays and re-delivery fees.

Leverage Economies of Scale
Reduce your per-unit costs as volume increases and operational efficiencies are achieved. Buyer can combine packages and pallets from the same origin to leverage savings.

Weight vs Cube
Transportation vehicles can only hold so much volume before they are full. If you are shipping light inventory, you will "cube out" the trailer before coming close to the weight limit. If you are shipping heavy inventory, you will "weigh out" the trailer before coming close to filling the trailer. Carriers set their prices to maximize their revenue based on the tradeoffs between weight and cube.

How much is shipping to Alaska or Hawaii?

Shipping costs to either Alaska or Hawaii cannot be calculated using our online shipping estimate tool. However, shipping can be estimated using the following calculation:

  • Orders under 400 pounds are shipped at $1.50 per pound or Dimensional Weight*, whichever is greater
  • Orders over 400 pounds are shipped LTL/ocean freight at a rate of $1.50 per pound, increasing transit time to an estimated 30-35 days from East Coast and an estimated 15-20 days from West Coast
  • Truckloads will be shipped ocean freight in a container. Please contact Buyer Relations for a quote

*Dimensional Weight = (length x height x width) / 194

May I arrange my own shipping?

To determine whether you may arrange your own shipping on a particular auction, you should refer to the "Shipping Details" given on the auction page. Eligible auctions will indicate "Buyer May Arrange Shipping" or "Buyer Must arrange shipping."

Before submitting payment, you will have the option to click on a button that reads "Arrange your own shipping." This button will appear on the payment summary only when an auction is eligible. Clicking on it will automatically remove shipping costs, recalculate your total amount due as well as notify you of the terms and conditions of arranging your own shipping. Once the transaction is paid, you will receive an email containing the necessary forms to sign and return. When you arrange your own shipping, you need to sign a shipping waiver form.

After payment is submitted, you will receive the pick-up location and contact information. You will then schedule pickup via our online scheduler. Buyers arranging their own shipping are encouraged to inspect the merchandise prior to removing it from the seller's location. They must also make arrangements to have all freight charges billed directly to themselves.

Can I consolidate my shipment?

  • Shipping Cost Reduction: provides shipping discounts for customers who ship multiple auctions from the same location using LSI-arranged shipping. LTL shipments will be consolidated to a single BOL and parcel shipments will be converted to pallets to achieve the lowest shipping costs. Please Note: this type of consolidation must be requested within 48 hours of winning the auction and prior to payment.
  • Physical Merchandise Consolidation: Buyers can potentially combine packages and pallets from the same shipping location into one larger pallet shipment, truckload or even multiple truckload shipments for Customer Arranged and LSI Shipments (for a fee- when applicable). Please Note: If you wish to request a shipping consolidation, please click here. All shipping consolidation requests are subject to our approval.

How long will it take for me to receive the items?

Depending on the shipping method, shipment can take between 1 and 12 business days.

How do I check the status of my shipment?

The shipping status of your transaction can be found online by clicking on the Transactions section of My Account.

How do I know if an auction is available to be shipped overseas?

Auctions labeled as "Available for Export" are available to be shipped overseas. Only these auctions are eligible to be shipped to your location via UPS. The "Available for Export" distinction can be found on the Auction View page under Shipping Details. Look for a field called "Shipping Restrictions." All import duties, taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

For product labeled "May Only Be Shipped to USA," will not be able to prepare international shipping documents. If you wish to ship an auction labeled as "May Only Be Shipped to USA" to an overseas location, the merchandise should be shipped to a freight forwarder in the USA. The freight forwarder will be able to assist in preparing the product for international shipment and completing the necessary paperwork.

Can you ship to my country?

All countries are not treated the same way under the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) due to differences in national security, nonproliferation or foreign policy considerations for the U.S. Due to Federal Regulations, does not ship to the following countries:

  • Crimea region of Ukraine
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Belarus

What is your policy regarding ground and air shipment of hazardous materials?

Before listing products on any Liquidity Services Marketplace, it's a seller's responsibility to know whether or not the products they are selling are regulated as hazardous materials and comply with regulations required to sell and ship such materials (such as the 49 CFR and IATA). We have provided a guide for reference.

Why is my Auction arriving by multiple carriers?

Shipments, where more than one parcel is being shipped, may arrive by multiple carriers with separate tracking numbers which can be found and tracked within your account. Using multiple carriers helps to keep prices on as low as possible.

Are there any guarantees on the merchandise?

No guarantees are, or should be, implied outside of what is listed in the auction description.

What do I do when I receive the merchandise?

When arranging your own shipping, you or your agents are responsible for the unit count and verification of the assets purchased prior to removal from our facility. If the assets are not acceptable for any reason, immediately inform a Liquidity Services employee prior to removal, because claims cannot be made after removal. Alternatively, when you pay Liquidity Services to arrange shipping, issues with the shipment on delivery should be noted on the Bill of Lading. You then have three (3) Business Days after Liquidity Services delivers assets to submit an online dispute form for shipment issues, or for any incorrect or inaccurate Listing description of the Assets. Thereafter, a buyer's right to make a claim expires. For more information on filing a dispute claim, please click here. Note, you must log in to your account in order to view this form.

Can I return the merchandise after it has been delivered?

This would be determined during the dispute process. For more information on filing a dispute claim, please click here. You must log in to your account in order to view this form.

Please do not return merchandise before being asked by to do so, as this would prevent us from efficiently tying your merchandise with your account and dispute case. We cannot guarantee a refund until a dispute claim has been settled in your favor.

How can I file a dispute?

To file a dispute, click here. Note, you must be logged in to your account in order to view this form. We will investigate the matter and come to a resolution within 10 business days. All parties must abide by the dispute resolution provided by Supporting documentation such as photographs, video clips and/or detailed manifests are an essential part of the claims process, so please include it when submitting the dispute online. See the section called “What do I do when I received the merchandise” for more info.

Who is responsible if the merchandise I receive is not in the condition stated in the auction listing, or grossly misrepresented?

If the items were damaged in transit for LSI-arranged shipments, will file a claim with the carrier/shipping service and provide a resolution to the buyer. If the items received are not in the condition stated within the auction details, or are grossly misrepresented, you should file a dispute claim. Once a dispute claim is filed, will investigate the matter and come to a resolution to be adhered to by both buyer and seller. For more information on filing a dispute claim, please click here. You must log in to your account in order to view this form.

How do I monitor my transactions?

You can monitor active and completed transactions within your account transactions.

How do I add items to my watchlist?

You can add items to your watchlist two different ways:

Search Page
You can select auctions you are interested in watching by clicking "+ Watchlist" within the auction box.

Auction View Page
Click on the link below the "Place Bid" button to add the specific auction to your watchlist.

You can view auctions from your watchlist within your account dashboard.

How do I set up a search agent?

You can create, and manage, Search Agents from your account. Search Agents are simply searches you name and save - the Search Agent does the rest. It'll find auctions matching your unique search criteria and email auction results directly to you. Results are emailed twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Notifications for all of your agents will come in a single email. You can also run your Search Agent anytime on our Search Agent page.

Where do I manage my profile?

You can manage your profile from your account. Here you can change your contact and password settings, or make adjustments to your information.

Does offer assistance with the resale of merchandise?

At we understand many of our buyers run businesses themselves and we'd like to help you grow your business by putting you on the path to success. if you are interested in becoming a seller on, please select one of the links below to get started!

Will ever ask me to provide personal information via email? will never initiate contact with you via email and ask for your username, password, or credit card number(s).

We may need you to verify the billing and shipping information on the account if a discrepancy is found. In this case, you will receive an email request from The request will detail what the discrepancy is and will outline what information is needed from you to resolve the problem.

If you receive an email that appears to be from that is requesting your username, password, or credit card number(s), do not respond to it. Instead, call customer support at 1-800-498-1909 or forward the email to and request more information or a confirmation about the legitimacy of the email.

Why did I receive a "Change Confirmation" e-mail? already has safeguards in place to protect your account. However, to help keep your account secure, we will send you an e-mail if a change is made to your account. The change can pertain to your Password, E-mail Address, Billing Information or Address. The e-mail keeps you informed of potentially suspicious activity by providing you with the change that has been made.

I recognize this change
If you recognize this activity as your own, you can disregard the e-mail.

I don’t recognize this change
If you don’t recognize this change, we recommend that you change your password as soon as possible. To do so, please click here.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us via Live Chat, telephone, 800-498-1909, or e-mail,