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Arranging Your Own Shipping

Use your freight of choice

Arranging your own shipping can help reduce costs if you have a relationship with or own a freight company, and can be available on many auctions on

To determine whether you may arrange your own shipping on a particular auction, you should refer to the Shipping Details given on the auction page. Eligible auctions will indicate Buyer May Arrange Shipping or Buyer Must Arrange Shipping.

Before submitting payment, you will have the option to click on a button that reads Arrange Your Own Shipping. This button will appear on the payment summary only when an auction is eligible. Clicking on it will automatically remove shipping costs, recalculate your total amount due as well as notify you of the terms and conditions of arranging your own shipping.

Once the transaction is paid, you will receive an email containing the necessary forms to sign and return. When you arrange your own shipping, you need to sign a shipping waiver form. In addition, you will be emailed the pick-up location and contact information.

Buyers arranging their own shipping are strongly encouraged to inspect the product prior to removing it from the seller's location as Buyers waive their rights to file a dispute when arranging their own shipping. Buyers who arrange their own carrier must make arrangements for all freight charges to be billed directly to the buyer.

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