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What To Know Before You Ship

From the details to shipping information - everything you need to know

While shipping prices fluctuate with the price of fuel, there are a few other reasons why shipping costs may vary from one auction to the next.

KNOW THE SHIPPING DETAILS OF YOUR AUCTION: Note the location, size classification, and weight of the merchandise located in the Shipping Details section of each auction listing. This information will aid in your decision process, helping to determine the shipping cost.

UPDATE YOUR SHIPPING INFORMATION: Before you bid, make sure your shipments will be delivered to the right location by verifying your shipping address and details on the Address tab of the Personal Information section under your My Account page. Having incorrect information (ex: stating you have a commercial dock when you do not) can result in shipment delays and re-delivery fees.

LEVERAGE WEIGHT VS CUBE: Transportation vehicles can only hold so much volume before they are full. If you are shipping light inventory, you will "cube out" the trailer before coming close to the weight limit. If you are shipping heavy inventory, you will "weigh out" the trailer before coming close to filling the trailer. Carriers set their prices to maximize their revenue based on the tradeoffs between weight and cube.

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