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Factors Affecting Shipping Costs

By package, LTL & freight

While shipping prices fluctuate with the price of fuel, there are a few other reasons why shipping costs may vary from one auction to the next.

PARCEL (UNDER 150 LBS PACKAGE): has a minimum charge of $40.25 for each small package shipment on Both the weight of the shipment and the cube (size) can impact the cost to ship and certain fragile merchandise or large items may ship LTL despite weighing less than 150lbs.

PALLET/LTL (LESS THAN 10 PALLETS AND/OR MORE THAN 150 LB PACKAGE): is based on distance, class, dimensions and weight - so some shipments that are heavier or have to travel a further distance will be more expensive to ship.

TRUCKLOAD (10-24 PALLETS – LESS THAN 40K LBS): will be quoted both LTL and FTL to get the best deal possible as is unable to deliver truckload merchandise to a residence. If there is no commercial dock at the destination, it is asked to allow 1-2 additional days to quote a price, and up to 5 business days to ship after submitted payment due to the unique equipment required.

A truck may contain up to 53’ of product, so it is important your location has space before bidding on a lot of this size. On average, a buyer can expect to pay anywhere from $2-$4 per mile depending on the market conditions at the time of payment (for locations with a commercial dock). It is unlikely to find a truck that will run for less than $350- regardless of the distance. A truck driver will assume the product can be unloaded in less than 2 hours. If you think a load will need more time you may be asked to pay additional fees for the time required.