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Ways To Lower Your Shipping Costs

From Pick-Up To Economies Of Scale - Get The Facts!

While shipping prices fluctuate with the price of fuel, there are a few other reasons why shipping costs may vary from one auction to the next.

BUYER PICK-UP: Many of our auctions provide the buyer with the option to arrange their own shipping. For some, this means the buyer can travel to the warehouse to pick-up, eliminating a shipping cost. Just make sure to bring the right vehicle to fit your merchandise. You may need to keep Opportunity Cost in mind when making this decision as your time is valuable and it takes time to pick-up - pulling you away from marketing your business or shipping your own outbound.

LEVERAGE ECONOMIES OF SCALE: Reduce your per-unit costs as volume increases and operational efficiencies are achieved. Buyers can combine packages and pallets from the same origin to leverage per unit savings.

RECEIVING LOCATION: Consider investing in a commercial location with a loading dock. You may be able to off-set some, if not all, of your rent with freight savings and additional sales margins.

REGULARITY: CIt is easier to negotiate rates with carriers if the lane is run regularly. Buyers who have grown their business to the point where they can pay for, and ship truckloads on a daily or weekly basis are going to be able to get the best shipping rates.

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