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Insider Bidding Tips: Research

Learn everything before bidding

Learning everything you can about an auction is an obvious place to start, and our auction listing pages have an abundance of information:

MANIFESTS: Majority of auctions include an itemized list of what to expect down to the model numbers, quantity of each item and retail price by item.

Tip: Identify how much you could sell each item, and then factor in your budgeted cost for the auction; this will ensure you make a profit.

PHOTOS: Use photos to see how items are packaged, condition of retail boxes and overall product mix.

DESCRIPTIONS: All auctions are sold under the name, but many auctions come from various online retailers. The descriptions are meant to give you additional information about the seller, details into the condition of the items, highlights of the items included, and anything else the seller believes would help you understand how to make a bid evaluation.

SELLER RATING: Get details about a seller by viewing their rating. Located at the top of the auction page, underneath their name, we provide information into their performance of selling on

LOOK UP CLOSED AUCTIONS: Use the advanced search settings to enter the criteria of the current auction to see what they’ve sold for in the past. This will help you make a winning bid, based on solid research.

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