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Selling the Product Range

Great Profit Potential

Whether you’re sourcing through liquidation channels, or being a distributor for a supplier, selling a product range could prove valuable for your company in terms of reputation and overall growth.

When starting a partnership with a supplier or branching out into a new line with a liquidation company, you may slowly test the waters to see which channel yields the highest and most frequent demand for the new product. As you expand, offering more from the same product line can establish your company as a top-rated seller, knowing and offering the products in a compelling manner.

AMAZON FBA: Chances are, some of the products you’re selling on Amazon are already for listed from the supplier, while others aren’t. It’s OK to be on the same channel selling the same product, but keep other channels open in case others sell quicker. Don’t limit yourself to a single resell channel.

Additionally, for products not yet using FBA you’ll have a head start growing a user base. If those items become a hit with the audience, you stand to become a larger distributor for the supplier or become a well-known seller for those products. Either way, it’s a huge success.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: When researching suppliers, or sourcing companies, take your time and research which items are selling on the major resell channels and see which ones are not. If you find one with a healthy mixture, this can be a wonderful opportunity for your business as the products currently being sold will provide a steady stream of sales, and the items not currently being sold is the icing on the cake (so to speak).

DROPSHIP: For some suppliers, dropshipping may be an option for selling merchandise. This is a fulfillment method where you don’t keep the products in stock, but rather purchase the item from a third party and have it shipped to the customer directly. This means you do not physically handle the merchandise – everything is done around you.

When the opportunity arises to sell more than just a single product, but the whole product line – take the chance. It’ll grow your business and open the door to even more possibilities down the road.

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