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Social Key to Inform & Entertain

Set your success on the right tactical approach

There are no gatekeepers holding you back to reaching your targeted audience, and there’s no sure-fire way to have your material go viral. What you can do is set your business presence on Social Media up for success with the right tactical approach.

ESTABLISHING CREDENTIALS: First impressions are everything, so be ready when a new user arrives on your Social channel with a fully optimized profile from picture/logo to tagline to URL. Within your profile you’ll have an opportunity to provide your backstory to let your audience know what you do, how you do it and why you do it - giving them a bit more insight into what you stand for to build a sense of trust.

BUILD CREDITABLITY: Establishing credentials is easy but building it into rich content takes time. By leveraging content tools like Slideshare, where you can share infographics, presentations and documents from others to help build a foundation. If your business creates their own infographic, informative whitepaper or presentation – share it! If you are mentioned in the media – share it! If you’re speaking at an event – share it! In short, do things and tell people about them.

BUILD A TRIBE: Likes are easy to buy, but a community is earned in the form of retweets and shares. Within the community you build across your social media channels, your audience will connect to one another, connect with your business and connect with your overall idea. It’s powerful and can easily be earned if the time and commitment are put in up front.

MAKE FRIENDS FAST: No need to buy a drink first – you just need to be you! Follow others to be followed. Retweet, like and comment others, to receive likes, retweets and comments in return. Answer their questions in order to get asked questions. Be interested in user concerns, thoughts, goals, objectives, etc. in order to be interesting. What you put out in the social media world will come back to you, which is up to you to keep them entertained and informed.

HOW YOUR WORK: While sharing 3rd party content is a valuable tool to build creditability – it shouldn’t be the only thing your business shares. Play to your strengths and showcase your work, this will further aid in your creditability. If you have done it – don’t preach. Instead ask your audience for their thoughts and start a conversion. If there seems to be a need for more information, get out there and learn everything you can and then share it!

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