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Sorting Pallets

Be efficient – time is money!

When pallets have large products, processing and listing the inventory can be rather straight-forward, but when pallets contain hundreds of small pieces how can you effectively process and list?

Every minute you spend processing and listing your new pallet of merchandise is less time selling. So making this process as efficient as possible will reduce your manual labor and get you on the fast-track to sales!

These are just a few of the many tips users sweat by to process quickly:

GET ORGANIZED: Processing a lot of items will take up some space, so be sure to prepare a room, or a section within a room, where you can sort through your pallet. Leave space on the floor for the pallets to live, and clear off some tables to inspect each item before putting into a bin ready for processing. Since all shipments are tracked, you can plan in advance to have a room cleared when the pallet arrives, so you can get right to work.

ITEM RECEIVE: As you unload your pallet, be sure to confirm the items listed on the manifest are present. Most sourcing companies, including, give buyers time after receiving merchandise to inspect and file a claim/dispute if there are any issues. So, as you process, be sure the items align with the manifest and the condition stated on the website.

Upon inspection of the items, classify the item into 3 buckets:

  • Ready to list
  • Needs minor repair
  • Needs major work / unsure for resale

By separating the merchandise, you can focus on the merchandise ready to list so you can make sales while doing additional work on the rest of the lot. If you have an abundance of space, further organize your merchandise ready to list by which channel you plan to sell. When you sit down to list your eBay items, it’s as simple as picking up an item from a single bin.

MAKE REPAIRS: While your ready-to-list items are selling like hotcakes, it’s time to look at your items that need some repairs before listing. Hopefully they only need to be cleaned in order to list, but some may need a bit more TLC. From repairing buttons to fixing or replacing the packaging to perhaps more extensive repairs that involve cables/wires.

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