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KB Toys Quickly Shuts Downtown Plaza Store
The Sacramento Bee — December 31, 2008

KB joined Mervyns and Linens ‘n Things in shutting down in what was a grim 2008 for retailers. And retailers’ pain is only expected to continue, said Bill Angrick, chief executive officer of Washington, D.C.-based Liquidity Services, Inc., which markets and sells retail assets. Angrick expects as many as 2,600 store locations will close in the coming year as retailers “revisit their overall footprint.” Read more>

What Happens to Unsold Merchandise?
WFAA ABC 8 News, Dallas, Texas — December 29, 2008

Understanding "Green" Through Liquidation
Connection Northwest Arkansas Magazine — December 1, 2008

A deeper understanding of the relationship between sustainability and supply chain efficiency continues to reveal new layers of opportunity, with the latest example including a company new to Northwest Arkansas that provides a solution to the issues of merchandise returns and store fixture disposal. Read more>

Shoppers Hit Stores but Mood Is Subdued
Wall Street Journal — November 29, 2008

Worried about getting stuck with too much merchandise, many retailers are already selling shipments of computers and other high-priced items to liquidators, even before sending them to stores. Bill Angrick, the chief executive of Liquidity Services Inc., a firm that takes excess inventory from dozens of Fortune 500 retailers and operates online clearinghouse, said his auctions in days leading up to Black Friday increased more than eight times, compared to the year-earlier period. Read more>

E-Com This Holiday: More Shoppers, But Fewer Dollars
Investor's Business Daily — November 28, 2008

Small-business owners and managers also are scrounging for deals. On Thanksgiving Day, handled 200 auctions, up from just 20 a year ago. The activity is a sign of the times, Angrick says. “People are online (looking for) where they can find a deal, save money and create a business opportunity,” he said. Read more>

Boom Times for Stock Liquidation Site
Financial Times — November 27, 2008

While US shoppers search the stores for post-Thanksgiving bargains, small businesses that buy and sell excess stock are being offered even more extreme deals this winter, as leading retailers struggle to shrink their inventories., a web-site that stages auctions of excess products, or those that have been returned, says it has had an increase of "about 800 per cent" in the number of auctions currently on its site compared to last year. Read more>

For Stores, the Holiday Season May Already Be Over
Associated Press — November 26, 2008

The holiday shopping season begins Friday with a blitz of early morning specials. For some merchants, though, it’s practically over already. At warehouses operated by Liquidity Services Inc., a leading online auction company for surplus goods, there are rows and rows of pallets of offloaded merchandise ranging from jewelry to consumer electronics. At the company’s, which auctions surplus goods offered by stores and manufacturers to dollar stores and small businesses that sell on eBay, the number of auctions scheduled for the Thanksgiving weekend has soared to 2,100 - eight times more than last Thanksgiving, said chief executive Bill Angrick. In other words, what normally happens after Christmas is taking place this weekend, he said. Read more>

The 200 Best Small Companies
Forbes Magazine — October 8, 2008

Liquidity Services, Inc. is a newcomer to the Forbes Magazine 200 Best Small Companies, ranking #26. Read more>

Local Liquidator Flourishes in a Tight Market
The Washington Post — July 10, 2008

While some firms are simply trying to stay afloat during this national economic slump, D.C.-based Liquidity Services is finding a booming market thanks to online bargain seekers. The company has about 900,000 registered buyers, most of whom are small businesses. Liquidity sells overstocked or returned goods from retailers, including some Fortune 500 companies, and the government. Many of the small firms buy from Liquidity and then refurbish and repackage the goods to sell to customers. Read more> Announces New Product Vertical to Sell Retail Store Fixtures and Equipment
Internet Retailer — June 16, 2008

The online auction marketplace will allow professional buyers to review photos and detailed product information at They also can physically see items in one of the five distribution centers Liquidation has throughout the U.S. Read more>

Buyers & Sellers Win with
Web Wholesaler — February 1, 2008

You might think that a website like would balk at the suggestion that it is, “the eBay for wholesale liquidations.” Considering the comparison, it is a heavy statement. However, the description is right on the money, especially considering how the online auction destination has grown since being founded just a few years ago. Sales for its parent company, Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: LQDT), have seen an annual compounded growth rate of 37 percent over the last 5 years, while commercial sales have surged 137 percent in the last year alone. Read more>

After the holidays, many unwanted gifts are returned. Where do they go?
Fox News — January 8, 2008

Ever wonder what happens to all those gifts that are returned after the holidays? They are sold and big discounts to the rest of us and Fox News interviews Bill Angrick, CEO of Liquidity Services, Inc. Read more>

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