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Compose 2011's Playbook
Investor's Business Daily — December 31, 2010

Roll the game films. Company leaders are reviewing their best and worst moves of 2010 — and strategizing for the next business season. How lessons learned strengthen their resolve to win.... CEO Bill Angrick talks about legacy building. Read more >

Retailers Loosen Up on Returns
Wall Street Journal — December 27, 2010

As shoppers grow comfortable spending again this year—and flock to online merchants known for more-generous return policies—chains are being forced to change their policies to remain competitive, said Bill Angrick, chief executive of Liquidity Services Inc. “This could be the biggest returns season we’ve ever had,” said Mr. Angrick, whose company helps retailers resell returned merchandise. Online retailers such as, which sells shoes and clothing, “have set a new standard for returns, and brick-and-mortar retailers are reacting.” Read more >

U.S. Online Sales Picking Up Pace As Holiday Nears
Investor's Business Daily — December 22, 2010

It’s ho, ho, ho for online sellers, as the pace of buying has picked up late in a holiday shopping season already far exceeding last year., another online seller of excess inventory from retailers and manufacturers, expects to cash in on large returns of high-end TVs, jewelry and more. The site expects to get more goods to sell as consumers suffer from buyers’ remorse over price and issues such as confusion about newer technologies like 3-D TVs, says Bill Angrick, chief executive of Liquidity Services (LQDT), which operates Read more >

On Your Side — Liquidation Deals
Fox 4 News at 9, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas — December 16, 2010

Online Liquidator Helps Small Businesses
ABC 40/29 TV, KHBS NW Arkansas — December 10, 2010

Unusual Gift Ideas — Buy in Bulk!
Fox 59, Indianapolis, Indiana — December 1, 2010

Cyber Monday Increases Workload
NBC, Dallas-Fort Worth — November 29, 2010

Many items in high demand this holiday season are boxed up and ready to go at a warehouse in Garland. Read more >

Cyber Monday Increases Workload
NBC, Dallas Fort Worth — November 29, 2010

Many items in high demand this holiday season are boxed up and ready to go at a warehouse in Garland. Read more >

Duffy Says, “Retail Is Back,” Sees Holiday Sales Rising
Bloomberg Television Street Smart — November 24, 2010

Making Bids To Make Money
WUSA 9 News Now, Washington, D.C. — October 11, 2010

Website Helps People Cash In On Castaway Products
WUSA 9 News Now, Washington, D.C. — October 10, 2010

Helping Small Business Owners Get Products
News 12, New Jersey — September 28, 2010

Back-to-School Deals Boosted
The Detroit News — September 4, 2010

Back-to-school sales this year have not improved as much as retailers had hoped, leading to blowout sales this Labor Day weekend on school supplies from pencils to flash drives. Big box and department stores are banking that timid shoppers will be willing to open their wallets for the right item at the right price as the back-to-school shopping season wraps up. Read more >

Shoppers Show Their Staying Power in August
MarketWatch — September 2, 2010

Consumer spending may have some staying power, as several retailers' August sales beat expectations Thursday, helped by increased promotions, sales-tax holidays and a pickup in back-to-school sales. Read more >

Buyers Turn to Liquidation Websites
The Providence Journal — August 29, 2010

The e-commerce market is enjoying double-digit growth through the current stretch of economic uncertainty as consumers shop for bargains they can't find in traditional stores. Read more >

Entrepreneurs Forge Ahead
Sacramento Bee — August 23, 2010

Yes, the economy is struggling, but some entrepreneurs still have energy, dreams and drive, developing ideas, opening storefronts, starting businesses and finding ways to succeed amid the deep recession. Read more >

A Bargain-Hunter’s Paradise
Investor's Business Daily — February 26, 2010

Online retailers have always operated in their own little corner of the retail world. Nowadays, they seem to exist in an alternate universe altogether. As traditional retailers struggle amid a halting recovery challenged by high unemployment and still-reluctant spenders, e-commerce companies have thrived, serving shoppers looking for a deal. Read more >

Liquidation Rolls out New Site Design with Seller Performance Reports
Auctionbytes — February 15, 2010

Liquidity Services Inc. has introduced a new website design for its marketplace that includes auction recommendations placed throughout the site to help buyers find what they need, as well as detailed “Seller Performance Reports” on Item pages. Galleries, called “auction carousels,” provide an easy way for visitors to quickly browse the most popular auctions on the site. Read more >

Profit from Retail Returns
Fox News, On The Job Hunt — January 27, 2010

Website Helps Make Extra $ in Tough Economy
Fox News — January 27, 2010

I have no earthly idea why I would ever possibly need five 32 inch flat screen TVs but after cruising, I am tempted to start bidding. Think of the as a sort of bulk eBay. Instead of one TV to bid on, at this auction site, most likely they could be sold in sets of five. There might be bulk lots of various sporting equipment, toys or clothes. is a company that buys up the merchandise that national retailers don’t need. The Christmas gifts you didn’t want and returned might end up on So would surplus items that stores can’t sell. Read more >

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