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Shipping Consolidation

Save more when you bundle

Do you purchase frequently? Are shipping costs eating into your profits? Would you like to buy more merchandise?

If you answered 'YES' to these questions, consolidating your winning auctions into a single shipment is the right choice for your business needs - putting more money back where it belongs!

Rather than buying an auction and shipping it one at a time, bundle your auction wins into one shipment. Shipping costs will only seem to be higher as you’re buying more merchandise, however, when you parse it by pallet or package the shipping costs are reduced significantly. The savings from shipping go right to your bottom line, allowing you to invest more in the next shipment!


  • Bid on auctions as normal, finding packages or pallets matching your business inventory needs from a SINGLE LIQUIDATION.COM WAREHOUSE.

  • Within 48 hours of winning, contact the support team at 800-498-1909 and ask for a payment delay as you plan on consolidating auctions. IMPORTANT: If you don’t contact support, late fees may be applied and/or your auction will be canceled, and a penalty will be applied.

  • Continue to bid on as many auctions needed, updating the support team within 48 hours of each win to delay payment.

  • Auctions must be won and paid for within 14 days.

  • Consolidations will only be shipped once all included auctions are paid.

Consolidating your auction wins into one shipment only works when the auctions originate from a single warehouse. Our team consolidates LTL shipments into a single BOL and parcel shipments into pallets – achieving the lowest shipping costs possible with our freight vendors. As with most auctions on, buyers are permitted to arrange their own shipping for consolidated auctions.

If you're able to secure a better shipping rate by arranging your own shipping - let us know! has been able to match - and sometimes beat - many shipping prices you've sourced in the past. To determine if we can match or beat a price, please email and provide your username, destination address including zip code (please specify if your location has a commercial dock or not), transaction ID and quote from shipping company/carrier details. If we are unable to match or beat, you’ll know you’re getting the best shipping rate.

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