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A Buyer’s Experience: Sellers

My Go-To Sellers of Choice

Having spent hundreds of thousands on countless transactions on over the past couple of years, it has become one of my routine go-to places for sourcing inventory. But how to be sure you are getting the best deal at the best possible price without being ripped off into fluffed listing that will lose money?

In this 3-part series on my experiences with, covering the seller, condition and finally the bidding strategy, consolidation.

THE SELLER: While the platform itself has increased in popularity and selling is opened to many businesses big and small, I’ve routinely found the large sellers with inventory at warehouses are the most profitable with the least risk. After-all, the objective of large businesses liquidating here is to simply offload inventory to the highest bidder while smaller sellers may often be trying to get the most return on their lots.

I have speculations these smaller sellers may inflate their MSRP, item counts or mix quality merchandise with less than desirable quality or even cancelling transactions if the lot didn’t sell for the price they wanted.

MY TRUSTED SELLERS: While not extensive, the following sellers are ones I feel safe to buy from on a routine basis and would have the utmost confidence in you having success as well:

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