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A Buyer’s Experience: Returns

Expectations on Returned Merchandise By: Michelle Anderson

Returned merchandise and the expectations to set for yourself.

First, I make a couple assumptions:

The highest priced item in the lot will be damaged or unsellable
Anything in a package will have packaging damage

If neither of those things happen, I’m pleasantly surprised, but I plan for it to happen.

Why? Because you have to think about why the item might be returned. In the case of clothing it is often because of fit, but it may be because of damage or defect, or it might have been swapped by a shady buyer. There may have been damage in the warehouse that was missed or there may have been shipping damage. The buyer may have thought the item was sage green, but it arrived and looked more like baby vomit. The buyer may have worn the item to an event and returned it to save money. Maybe the buyer pulled the tags off, or maybe they kept the tags. If the item was in a package of some kind, you can expect it to be shoved in there.

All buyers don’t try to put items back in the package neatly, but some do. If the item is no longer sealed, you must fully inspect the item to avoid reselling problems.

There will be unsellable items in clothing. In fact, I’ve had unsellable items in every lot I’ve purchased. Just plan on it.

All that being said, I like the variety of returned lots. I like that I’m not deep in one item that may or may not sell.

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