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Your customers are your future growth

Your business doesn’t end when the item(s) sell. As a matter of fact, it’s just beginning. Retaining existing buyers is easier than obtaining new ones, as they are already familiar with the quality of your merchandise, trust your descriptions and have seen your responsiveness to shipping once paid.


Before you ship, hand write a thank you card personalized to your buyer. Tell them you hope the items meets their needs, and if they have any questions to contact you directly at either an email address or phone number.

Provided they are happy with their purchase, go ahead and offer them a discount on their next purchase if they provide you with a public rating on the resell channel used. If you’re unable to offer discounts, you could offer a free item instead. For instance, if they purchased a TV from you, offer a free universal remote if they write a review. Once the review is submitted, order one off Amazon and use Prime to get free 2-day shipping. The free gift should complement the item they purchased and can either be purchased brand-new online or it can come from your inventory.

Appeal to existing and new buyers, offer a special discount if they purchase more than 1 item. Some examples could include: 10% off total purchase when buying more than 3 items, buy 2 get 1 free or free shipping when purchasing more than 5 items, purchase this dress and get the matching necklace for 50% off.

Merchandise that has been listed for more than 30 days, offer a discount to move it quickly and reflect the new price in the title: “JCrew Women’s Small & Medium Casual & Work Dresses – NWT – New Lower Price!”. The sooner it sells, the faster you’ll get the money to source more inventory!

Tap into the retail calendar for special holiday pricing. For example, electronics are a great product to promote during the months of June and August as these months encompass High School graduations, Fathers’ Day and Back-To-School. Jewelry is a great product during February for Valentine’s Day, May for Mothers’ Day and December for the Holidays. During these months, slash your prices to undercut the competition by 5-10% (or more) in order to sell through your merchandise and create a reputation for the next holiday.

While your profits may be reduced with these special discounts, you’re actually making a long-term play to boost your business. Discounts bring back previous buyers, invite new buyers to give you a try and reward buyers you have on a consistent basis.

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