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Camera Technology


Gone are the days of opening a film canister, shielding it from the light, and loading it into a camera without smudging the film. Today’s cameras are digital, more affordable and in high demand with consumers looking to add more into their daily routines for either entertainment or protection purposes.

THE DASHBOARD CAMERA: Designed for the car’s windshield to record every moment of a drive, whether it’s a personal adventure on an off-road journey through Big Bend, or an unfortunate accident in the company car, these cameras are currently in high demand. With large benefits to consumers, and resale pricing ranging from $50 to over $200, it’s no wonder these gadgets are a hot commodity on

WATERPROOF SPORTS ACTION VIDEO CAMERA: Designed for the outdoor adventurer, these cameras capture underwater explorations of all ages. From intermediate use on a vacation to summer fun, these cameras are the best thing to hit the market. Retails up to $400 depending on the make and model, with new bulk inventory on setting each item up for grabs at up to $35 per camera – what a steal!

DIGITAL CAMERAS AND CAMCORDERS: Smartphones may be a more popular medium for consumers to capture photos and videos, but cameras and camcorders are growing in popularity for their extensive storage capacity and high-quality resolutions so don’t count them out yet! Brand new and refurbished cameras sourced from Amazon Liquidations and Sony can be found on for at least a 60% savings off retail pricing – and some even include warranties!

Name-brand merchandise is quick and easy to resell, but in order to get top dollar for every item it’ll come down to the audience targeting. Sure, cameras are great for the obvious reasons: occasions, events, vacations, etc., but consumers have found alternate uses appealing to a much larger audience.

PARENTS OF TEEN DRIVERS: Used as a protective measure, parents can use dashboard cameras to ensure whoever is driving is safe, and not misusing the vehicle.

DO-GOODERS: Cameras can help protect a consumer in a liability case for an accident, but they can also protect others if one witnesses an accident; thus protecting all drivers on the road.

ADRENALINE SEEKERS: Adventurists love to capture thrilling moments and repost to social media for the world to see. From surfing next to a great white shark to biking down a mountain at 80mph, these consumers love the adrenaline rush almost as much as sharing the experience.

SELF-MADE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Photo studios seem to be a thing of the past, but parents no longer wait until school picture day to capture their children’s milestones. The photography market is booming, and everyone from college students to new moms are getting behind the lens and starting their own businesses. Cater to this growing demand with professional and DSLR cameras.

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