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Exclusive Brand Reselling

Be the go-to reseller for top retailers

Developing deep relationships with brands and sourcing companies can prove valuable in a quest to obtain an exclusive relationship to sell merchandise. When you’re the exclusive seller of a certain product or brand on Amazon, you have the market cornered. This also affords you with an opportunity to seek out other exclusive partnerships with brands – use your success to win other successful entities.

Many retailers don’t leverage Amazon as a resell channel, some may only focus selling through their brick-and-mortar stores or on their own eCommerce site. This could be for a number of reasons including: lack of resources, lack of understanding or even unwillingness to expand. Just because a retailer is not also selling on other channels doesn’t mean they are doing anything wrong, it’s just not their main focus.

INFRASTRUCTURE & SKILLS: Having a strong background within these resell channels, with proven success stories, this could help win exclusive business from retailers. Since they are not skilled in the resell market, they could benefit from your experience to help expand their business – and your business will therefore grow as well – a win-win!

FINDING NEW VENTURES: After initial success selling retailer assets on Amazon, reach out to more retailers offering your services in exchange for a revenue share-based commission rather than being paid hourly. This will be compelling to the retailer, especially ones who are either not actively on Amazon or have the internal resources to sell on Amazon.

Just email these retailers. A simple email could be all it takes to have a door open and a product, or product line to sell on Amazon. The only downside you face emailing them is not hearing back – so do it!

It goes without saying to first find a retailer selling a product you are passionate about – one that fits with what your company is building. Not only will this make it easier for you to win more business, but it will also be mutually beneficial. The better the products do under your wing, the more business you’ll win and the more profits you’ll make.

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