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Last Chance Tags

How to resell with this label

Tags on clothing are an automatic boost to your profits as you’re able to list your item as ‘New with Tags’ (NWT), but what if those tags say ‘Last Chance’ or ‘As-Is’? Do you remove the tag, keep the tag or black out the text on the tag?

The original manufacturer’s tags will never have ‘Last Chance’ or ‘As Is’ printed on the tag itself. Instead, these tags would have stickers on it with the price markdowns. Seeing these types of tags mean the original, manufacturer, tag has been removed and replaced with this secondary tag.

POSHMARK: Provided your item is more of the high-end of designers, or is a trendy piece of fashion, this resell channel may be ideal. The ‘Last Chance’ or ‘As Is’ tags should be removed, as they are similar to a clearance sticker as it devalues the item. Selling without tags but noting in the description it’s in ‘New’ condition and never been worn, can keep you price competitive.

Be sure to take photos up close of the label and overall condition of the item. Be clear in the description to state the merchandise is new, without tags. Because this platform allows for comments on the listing page, be sure to monitor your listing often and respond to these questions quickly – it could help close a sale!

AMAZON: If the original manufacturer’s tags are still on the item, in addition to the ‘Last Chance’ or ‘As Is’ tag, remove the non-manufacturer’s tags. You simply do not need them in this case and can easily resell in a ‘Brand New’. If no manufacturer tags are on the item, you will need to consider another option for reselling as selling these items could end up getting your selling account suspended.

EBAY: As with the other channels, it’s better to remove these ‘Last Chance’ or ‘As Is’ tags when reselling as it sends the wrong message to your potential buyers. Additionally, eBay’s terms state only the original, manufacturer, tags can be classified as NWT. Since these items should be new condition, these can be listed as ‘New Without Tags’ (NWOT). Similar to Poshmark, your listing description and photos will be key to getting the most profit for your item – so take your time with it!

Wherever you decide to sell, be sure to include all pertinent information to accompany your listing. The more transparent you are, the more assurance your buyers will feel and a trusted sale will follow. Not only will you find the right buyer at the right price, but you’ll have set the right expectations for the buyer ensuring their happiness with the purchase and a great opportunity for a glowing review!

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