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Replacement Pieces

When to replace elements of a product

Often times, when purchasing wholesale merchandise, the accessories may be missing from an otherwise great quality product. So, do you sell as-is, or do you source these accessories to complete the package?

Not all accessories need to be replaced in order to resell for maximum profit. If the accessory is fairly common, chances are your customers already have at least one on hand and it won’t increase the price of your product listing.

TV REMOTES: Depending on the condition of the TV, the chances of it coming with the manufacturer remote may be slim. In the world of cable boxes and multiple remotes, this may not be a deal breaker for a customer. Our Buyers recommend first trying to sell the TV without a remote to see if it sells. If, after a couple weeks it doesn’t sell, update the listing to include a universal remote – you can get these cheap for around $10 at Target, Walmart or even Home Depot.

If the TV is a newer model, look at the manufacturer’s website. They may have replacement parts available for sale. If the price is right, you can purchase a remote and include it in your listing as normal.

LAPTOP CHARGERS: Selling computers can be a profitable market, and a listing with the complete package of laptop and accessories is highly attractive to customers. In some cases, this isn’t possible in the reverse supply chain industry. recommends sourcing computer accessories in addition to sourcing computers. Why? Because while you can use pair the products together, the others you can sell to other resellers or sell individually on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.

FURNITURE LEGS: You know those legs that twist off on couches to give it 4-5 inches of added height? Yeah…sometimes those can go missing when being shipped from the manufacturer to the retailer to the seller and then returned to the retailer and then along to you, the reseller. The originals may be a bit tricky to track down as replacements, but they can easily be updated with new legs to complement the overall design of the piece.

Take measurements of the screw and identify how much height the piece needs and search sites like Etsy, Amazon or Walmart for new legs or if your crafty, take a trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s and craft your own legs for a custom look!

VIDEO GAME CONSOLES: Reselling video game consoles on their own is very common, as more profit is made when selling everything individually. Meaning the console is one listing, a controller is another listing, etc. This way customers can add on as many accessories as they need.

By listing your items in this manner, you open the door for customers who already have the console but are looking to add a controller to their unit. This is a great marketing tactic to ensure you’re not limiting your listings to a certain audience, but a wide range of potential buyers.

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