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Sorting Truckloads

Best process for sorting success

Whether it’s your first, or hundredth truckload purchase, sorting the merchandising can be overwhelming – especially when the truckload contains over 70K pieces…yikes!

The best way to process inventory to ensure it aligns with the provided manifest while getting the items ready to list, we recommend investing some money in a UPC scanner. When conducting your research on which scanner is right for you, just make sure it works with any computer program – especially Excel.

With a scanner in hand, processing the inventory is as simple as a fee clicks per item. Here’s how you’ll need to start:

  • Plug your scanner into your computer (bonus if it’s Bluetooth connection)
  • Install the scanner software that came with the scanner (i.e. serial driver). If your scanner has a USB cord, simply plug it into your computer and you should be able to load right away
  • Open Excel to start a new document and select the cell where you want the data to appear
  • Pick up an item and scan the bar code. Since scanned barcodes are just text and/or numbers, this is what will appear in the excel cell
  • Depending on your scanner model, you may be able to ‘tab’ or ‘enter’ in Excel on the scanner itself, if not you’ll need to do this within Excel manually to ensure each scan is in its own cell

By scanning your inventory, you can document what you paid per item, how much you sell the item and your gross net profit by item, so you’ll be prepared for which items worked better for your business.

Whether you’re ready to start purchasing truckloads, or what more information on larger merchandise lots, contact the Direct Sales team at 1-877-303-8739 or request more information.

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