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Shipping Residential

What to expect when shipping truckloads home

It’s a question most buyers of wholesale liquidation ask: Can I ship to a residential location? The answer is yes.

While shipping to a residential location is possible, there are a few things you’ll need to check to see if it will come with additional fees, and how prepared you should be depending on the lot size.

LIFT-GATE: Pallets, LTL and Truckloads deliveries will require a lift-gate in order to lower the merchandise to the ground since no loading docks are at residential locations. This fee is reasonably priced at around $40 on

RESIDENTIAL FEE: Additionally, since residential deliverers could be more complicated with roads not allowed by trucks, or small areas where the truck can stop to unload, an additional fee may also be applied. Depending on the nature of where the residence is located, this fee could be an additional $40.

METRO AREAS: If either the shipping address or the Seller's pick-up address is in New York City, Los Angeles, or Washington, DC, the shipping and/or final costs may be higher than expected. The Department of Homeland Security has identified these areas as high risk, and our carriers have adjusted their rates accordingly. Please keep this in mind when placing your bid.

INSPECTION: It’s very important to inspect the packaging condition of merchandise as it’s being unloaded from the truck. When the merchandise changes freight carriers or trucks in route to you, this can increase the amount of handling the pallets/packages endure and could result in damage. Check the packaging for water leakage, tears & rips. If you see an issue, have the carrier notate this on the BOL prior to signing. This way if you identify missing items from those damaged pallets/packages, you can easily dispute with the shipper since it was notated on the BOL.

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