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Stickers on Returns

Remove or not when reselling?

When buying Returns, merchandise may have store tags or sticker saying “Return”. Removing these can help increase your sales, and there are a few tricks on how to remove them without causing damage to the item. buyers are unanimous in saying all clearance, returns and store codes tags and stickers should be removed prior to reselling. If possible, keeping the retail tag is a bonus as you can list the item as “New with Tags”.

So how do you effectively remove these without damaging the product? We’re rounded up the best advice:

BLOW DRYER / HEAT GUN / FLAT IRON: use an old hair dryer or pick up a cheap one at a local discount store. Heat the sticker and it will easily peel off easily. If any additional residue is left, rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the tag.

SCOTTY PEELER / PLASTIC RAZOR BLADE: using a wet wipe, soak the label as much as possible for a few seconds and use a Scotty Peeler or plastic razor blade to gently peel up the label. Wipe off any remaining sticker residue and you’re all set!

GOO GONE: for stickers or labels that are extremely sticky, goo gone is a miracle worker. It can even help with additional residue left by the labels with the other tactics.

BLACK OUT: if it’s not a sticker, but written on the retail tag, use a sharpie to black out the writing. This way you can save the retail tag and eliminate any issues with displaying store codes/writing.

Many sourcing providers mandate these tags to be removed prior to reselling, so always check before listing an item for resale or make it a point to remove these tags on every item before listing.

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