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Trending Graduation Merchandise

Top ideas this season for grads!

Graduation season is a becoming a big retail market for consumers – from gifts to gadgets needed for their next stage in life, there certainly will be a lot of money spent around graduation.

KITCHEN-RELATED PRODUCTS: These graduates need to eat! They’ll no longer have their parents or the college dining hall to prepare meals, and they’ll need the kitchen devices to help prepare. From blenders to cast-iron skillets to electric kettles to microwaves and more – stock up on the kitchen items most used for quick meal prep.

VACATIONS: Some graduates will be looking to get away before starting their next chapter in life – think of it as a ‘last chance to be free’. While many in the sourcing industry don’t sell vacations, they do sell the merchandise vacationers need. Stock up on bathing suits, luggage, cameras, sunscreen, and other items needed for a vacation anywhere!

JEWELRY: Give graduates an alternative to the typical class ring and stock up on some options for graduates who want something a bit more special. While typically more common for female graduates, there are a lot of jewelry options for the men. Think cufflinks, business card holder or even a nice watch.

FURNITURE: Furnishing an apartment or adding pieces to a semi-furnished dorm room can add up in price. Source key pieces of furniture like chairs, sofas, bed frames & mattresses, TV stands, bookshelves, and more to appeal to the needs of graduates. They won’t have much to spend, but they are in the market for furniture. Price the pieces reasonably and post on Craigslist for local pick-ups (it’ll save on shipping!).

COMPUTERS: Whether they are getting one to begin their college career, or beginning their real-world career, graduates will need a new computer. While expensive, there are a wide variety of options from refurbished to slightly used to brand new. Offering customers a high, medium and low offering can help secure a sale. Bonus if you can partner with a third-party warranty provider to offer your customers a warranty on your products.

PRINTERS/SCANNERS: From printing term papers to resumes, newly graduated students will need a good printer. Offer a bundled deal for these products and computers to sweeten the deal!

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