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Business in Garland sells returned goods online
Fox 4 Dallas — December 31, 2013

The retail surplus warehouse in Garland is filling up with returned, refurbished and overstocked goods during this peak period.
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Returned gifts sell at discount prices through liquidation
Fox 5 News — December 27, 2013

With millions of people returning gifts across the country this holiday season did you ever wonder where all of those unwanted products go and what happens to them? Jim Dalm, the operations manager for Liquidity Services, speaks with Fox News at the 150,000-square-foot facility in Cranbury, New Jersey.
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Turning returned goods into profits
Fox Business Network — December 26, 2013

Liquidity Services' Bill Angrick on re-selling returned merchandise - and turning a major profit.
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Busy Holiday Return Period Can Result in Good Deals
ABC 13 Las Vegas — December 26, 2013

Dan Brubaker of talks about this years' popular consumer electronics returns.
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FedEx, UPS scramble to deliver late packages
NBC Nightly News — December 26, 2013

Shipping companies appear to have been caught off guard in 2013, apologizing for not delivering packages that ought to have arrived by Christmas. Shippers blame nasty weather and soaring online sales for the delays. Internet purchases are on the rise. Rob Caskey of talks about the volume of this season's online returns. NBC's Gabe Gutierrez reports.
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Cyber Monday Keeps North Texas Warehouses Busy
NBC 5 News Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas — December 2, 2013

Distribution centers in North Texas and across the country are busy filling all the online orders from Cyber Monday shoppers. NBC 5's Kevin Cokely visited Liquidity Services, Inc. for a look inside it's Garland warehouse.
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Holiday Shopping Purge
KTRH News Radio Houston, Texas — December 2, 2013

Rob Caskey, Vice President of Marketing and Direct Sales for Liquidity Services' Retail Supply Chain Group talks with KTRH Houston News Radio. Listen now >

How to Make Money with Returned and Overstock Goods
Flea Market Zone — September 30, 2013

Returned, overstock and refurbished goods provide flea market vendors an opportunity to buy products at low cost and compete with mass merchandisers. Many products are first quality, and allow merchants to sell them below regular retail and still gain generous profits. Rob Caskey, VP of Marketing and Direct Sales for Liquidity Services' Retail Supply Chain Group, shares some tips to help vendors form a strategy when purchasing these types of products online. Read more >

Short Product Life Cycles Increase Inventory Levels & Decrease Efficiency
Supply Chain Digest — September 18, 2013

Accumulating products in the DC that have lost their luster increases per piece storage and handling cost while reducing order processing efficiency. is mentioned among other companies as a solution for helping businesses move "stagnant" inventory out of their operation. Read more >

The Silver Lining in Product Returns
EcommerceBytes — May 8, 2013

Online retailers experience nearly twice the return rates of brick-and-mortar retailers, and with ecommerce growing faster than offline sales, that provides both a challenge and an opportunity for merchants, according to Rob Caskey, Vice President of Marketing and Direct Sales for Liquidity Services' Retail Supply Chain Group, which includes the and marketplaces. Read more >

How to Source Returned, Overstock and Refurbished Items Online
Independent Retailer — April 30, 2013

Many independent retailers rely on local wholesale outlets or tradeshows to purchase their goods. Another efficient option is to tap into trusted online sites that sell returned, overstock and refurbished items - aka the secondary market. There are numerous benefits to sourcing these types of products online, including greater product range, access to detailed product information, flexible quantities and shipping options, and a faster purchase cycle, which shortens the traditional buy-to-ship timeframe. Rob Caskey, Vice President of Marketing and Direct Sales for Liquidity Services' Retail Supply Chain Group, offers tips to form a strategy when buying returned, overstock or refurbished products online. Read more >

Wardrobing: A Popular Retail Phenomenon
CBS 8 Indianapolis — February 5, 2013

Wardrobing, a process where one makes a purchase with the intent to return it, is very popular around the time of the Big Game. Jeff Rechtzgel, Director of E-Commerce at Liquidity Services, Inc., and Walter Allen of CBS 8 discuss this phenomenon and the impact it has on Watch video >

Holiday Returns Offer Jobs
ABC 7 New York — January 31, 2013

Rob Caskey, Liquidity Services, Inc. VP of Marketing, gives Kemberly Richardson and the ABC7 Eyewitness News team a behind the scenes look at from our Cranbury, New Jersey warehouse. Watch video >

Holiday Returns Offer Jobs
Fox 5, Las Vegas — January 15, 2013

Liquidity Services, Inc.'s Sultana Ali and Fox 5's Shannon Moore discuss the holiday return season from's North Las Vegas warehouse. Watch video >

Where Returned Gifts Go to Find a New Home
ABC 8, Dallas — January 14, 2013

ABC 8's Jason Whitely joins Liquidity Services, Inc.'s Braheem Otunba in's Garland, Texas warehouse to discuss holiday returns. Watch video >

Where Your Holiday Returns End Up
CW 33, Dallas — January 11, 2013

CW 33's Daniel Novick heads to's Garland, Texas warehouse to talk holiday returns with Liquidity Services, Inc.'s Braheem Otunba. Watch video >

Deals to Be Had From All Those Returned Christmas Presents
Fox 59, Indianapolis — January 11, 2013

The Fox 5 Indianapolis team heads to's Plainfield, Indiana warehouse to discuss the holiday return season with Jeff Rechtzgel, Director of E-Commerce at Liquidity Services, Inc. Watch video >

Seeking the Christmas Gadget That You Didn't Receive?
NBC 3, Las Vegas — January 11, 2013

Mitch Robinson, Operations Manager at Liquidity Services, Inc., talks holiday returns with NBC 3's Mackenzie Warren. Watch video >

Warehouse Takes Holiday Returns, Hires Help
Fox 5 News, Las Vegas — January 8, 2013

Liquidity Services, Inc.'s Sultana Ali discusses holiday returns with Fox 5's Shannon Moore from's North Las Vegas warehouse. Watch video >

Banking on Retail Inventory Surplus
CNBC Fast Money — January 02, 2013

Liquidity Services, Inc. CEO, Bill Angrick, discusses the 2012 holiday shopping environment on CNBC's Fast Money. Watch video >