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How to Compare Auctions

View multiple auctions at a single time can have several auctions containing similar merchandise, leaving you to decide which one, if not all, do you bid on to win? By viewing multiple auctions at the same time, you can determine the right auction for you in a couple of clicks.

On the search results page, click the box ‘Compare’ in the bottom left corner on the auction grid view or the top left corner on the auction list view. As you select the auctions you wish to compare, they will appear at the top of the page.

When you’ve selected the auctions you wish to compare, click on the blue ‘Compare’ button. This will refresh the page to show you those auctions side by side to compare condition, price, quantity, size, etc.

When ready to place a bid, click on the title of the auction you’re interested in to go to its detail page and place a bid.

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