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How to Search

Broad, Basic and Filters to Find the right lot

Perhaps you know what you’re looking to buy, or maybe you’re not quite sue. Either way, we’re here to help make sure your experience in the world of liquidation is smooth and successful.

BROAD SEARCHES: can be made by simply typing in what you’re looking for in the search box located at the top of the page. Use brand names, model numbers or general terms to locate auctions containing the items your business needs.

ADVANCED SEARCHES: can be done by clicking on ‘Advanced Search’ under the search button at the top of the page. In addition to your search term, the advanced search feature gives you the ability to further narrow your results by indicating category, price, size, or condition.

SEARCH FILTERS: are available on every results page to help narrow down the results to the items of most interest. has hundreds of auctions at any time so filtering will be your key in finding the right lot every time. Keep in mind, every time a filter is selected, your page will reload.

SEARCH AGENTS: are a great utility if you’re looking for only specific merchandise. Make your search on the site and easily save the filters by clicking ‘Save this Search”’ You can name the search, and have it run at a daily, weekly or monthly cadence and email you the results directly.

If you prefer to run the search manually, you can do so by going into your account and selecting ‘Manage Search Agents’ on the left side navigation. From there you can press “play” to run any of your search agents to get real-time results.

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