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How to Read a Manifest

Understanding the codes & items in manifests

The majority of auctions available on contain a manifest. This document outlines each item available within the auction lot, detailing the UPC codes, quantities, manufacturer’s suggested retail price and any notes pertaining to the items.

Manifests may vary in the information provided, so it’s important to check the manifest on each auction before placing a bid.

Accessing the manifest can be found in two locations on the auction listing: at the top of the page under the auction title and below the images under the ‘Description’ section. Upon clicking, a new window will appear showing the item(s) included in the auction lot.

The manifest could include Product Name (with or without the brand name), Retail Price, Quantity, Notes, Total Retail Price (if more than 1 quantity).

TIP: Copy the content in the manifest and paste into an Excel document. It will keep the formatting, so you can keep track of how much you resell each item for and the profits you’ve made. This way you’ll know which items will give you the highest profits moving forward.

Every auction on comes with a quantity variance. This is the percentage of items deemed to be either in abundance of or less than the amount listed on the auction; ranging between 1-10% per auction. The quantity variance is calculated on a per unit price, and pertains to all merchandise within an auction, including missing or damaged items. However, the asset condition of the merchandise within this variance may differ from the rest of the auction items.

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