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Brand New SwitchFlops - 200 Pairs & 800 Straps $21,260 Retail Value

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CLOSED ON 05/14/2018 8:45 PM EST
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$1,250.00 (USD) (a 94% savings!)
Melbourne, FL
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300.00 Pounds Per Lot
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1,000 (Quantity Variance 6% )
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Brand New SwitchFlops - 200 Pairs & 800 Straps $21,260 Retail Value

Brand New SwitchFlops

Total Retail Value $21,260.00

In time for spring and summer, this inventory of fabulous genuine Switchflops, which are sold in over 500 upscale boutiques throughout the USA, for your brick and mortar store or online business. This is lot will allow you a solid size and style display plus enough variety in accessory strap sets to cover multiple add on sales.

- Brand new in their original retail shoe boxes, packed in master cases
- Shoes include one strap set that's already attached to the shoe
- Lot also includes 4 additional straps per pair of shoes in their own retail package complete with individual bar codes and hanger cards.
- Available in 3 colors: black, brown and tan
- 2 styles: flats (approx. 1/3) and wedges (approx. 2/3)
- Sizes 5-11 US womens; most are sizes 6-10
These sandals are designed to provide the customer with the ability to buy one pair of sandals and by simply swapping out the straps you can change the color and style design in 20 seconds. This product currently sells at $25-$40 a pair online. Other online outlets are selling these SwichFlops in used condition at $12 and up. Straps sell used at $3-$8 a set and new $7-$15 each.

- The wedge is classic a wedge flip flop which comes with a signature strap with a round center ornament. 1 1/2" EVA footbed Non-skid sole Comfortable soft ribbon toe thong.

- The flat is a classic flip flop which comes with a signature strap. 1" EVA foot bed. Non-skid sole. Comfortable soft ribbon toe thong.

- The straps come in several colors and designs.


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300.00 lbs per lot / 0.00 pounds per lot dimensional weight
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United States of America

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