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5-in-1 Professional Skin Rejuvenator Lot $38K Value

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CLOSED ON 01/21/2020 8:50 PM EST
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$7,900.00 (USD) (a 79% savings!)
Miami, FL
livedeals New Seller
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2790.00 Pounds Per Lot
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246 (Quantity Variance 6% )
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5-in-1 Professional Skin Rejuvenator Lot $38K Value

New 5-in-1 Professional Skin Rejuvenator

Total Retail Value $38,000.00

All units are new in boxes!

What if you could look younger and improve your skins appearance in just
15 minutes?

Look 10 – 15 years younger in just 7 days.

All with No Plastic Surgery, No Doctors visits, and No Painful Injections.

Introducing 5-In-1 Ultra Skin Rejuvenator.

Combines 5 proven technologies in this one, easy to use device.

Uses the same technology that Dermatologists use on their patients.

And now you can use it at home!

Look younger in only 3mins

No plastic surgery, Dr's visits, or painful Injections

Minimises visual ageing, reduces pore size, tones and tightenes face muscles.

Galvanic IONS deeply cleanses the skin of impurities that restore shine and glow.

This process happens when negatively charged IONS attract and encapsulate toxins, preparing them to be removed.

Positive IONS work to attract the encapsulated impurities from the skin leaving the face thoroughly cleaned and promotes cellular health to save off free-radical damage and premature ageing!

Microscoptic Photon lights of different wavelengths to penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin to deliver nutrition and increase cell healing.

Photorejuvenation can help reduce the appearance of skin conditions such as sun/age spots, broken capillaries, and also improve signs of wrinkkles.

Pore size is also reduced with little no downtime and long-lasting improvements in skin quality and texture.

Utilizing micro vibrations at 12,000 rpm to deeply massage each layer of skin to increase circulation while stimulating your facial muscles to compliment collagen and elastin production.

Use with your desired toner or serum to increase absorption up to 200%!

Ultrasonic is a high level sound wave technology that penetrates deeper than the dermal layer.

Increasing the temperature of the surrounding, expanding oxygenation to the cells, stimulating collagen protein and aiding in the removal of toxins at 3MHz.

The benefits the skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, clarifies acne and blemishes.

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Country of Manufacture
Total Weight
2790.00 lbs per lot / 5.10 pounds per lot dimensional weight
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Package 110 (See FAQs)
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United States of America

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