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How do I submit an item for sale?
You must be registered before you can submit items for sale on Liquidation.com.

You can post items by going to the Seller page of our Web site and clicking on the 'Submit Assets' button. You will be prompted to provide detailed information about the assets you would like to sell. This information will assist us in evaluating how best to market and sell your assets. After you have submitted this information, a Sales Executive will contact you to develop an Asset Sales Plan. You will be required to complete and return a signed Asset Sales Agreement (ASA) document to fax number (253) 484-2657. Once we have a signed ASA document, you will not need to fill out another one for future transactions. The only document which we will need for subsequent auctions is a Schedule 1 document which is a form describing the quantity and description of your goods

What is the minimum quantity or amount for a sale?
Although there is no minimum quantity for assets, we target a liquidation value of $2,000 per lot. The Asset Sales Plan created by your Sales Executive will help to validate the best lot sizes to meet this objective and successfully sell your assets through Liquidation.com.

Is there a minimum price or a reserve I can set on my auctions?
We operate on a "marketplace pricing" model. Every auction starts at a minimum of $100, no reserve (even the airplanes we sell), and is sold to the highest bidder. This leads to more competitive bidding by our over 250,000 registered buyers. Virtually 99% of what is posted on Liquidation.com is sold quickly and efficiently using this "no reserve" system.

What information do you require to post my auction?

  • Asset description and details regarding quantity, weight, location and condition of goods
  • Packaging And Shipping Information.
  • What is an Asset Sales Plan?
    An Asset Sales Plan is a plan that is developed by our Sales and Marketing team. This plan will include initial price for items, lot size, auction duration, and marketing tools to promote the auction. Once you submit your Item information, you will be contacted by your Sales Executive to review the plan.

    What is an Asset Sales Agreement (ASA)?
    An Asset Sales Agreement is a document outlining our responsibilities and obligations as well as that of the seller.

    What services does Liquidation.com provide to sellers?
    We monitor all aspects of the auction and transaction process from beginning to end, including due diligence, asset promotion, payment collection, warehousing, inventory verification and labeling, shipping and logistics. A complete overview of our services can be viewed on our Seller page.

    Do you offer warehousing services?
    Yes. We operate our own warehouse facilities, and through partnerships, we provide warehousing and inventory inspection services using logistics centers located throughout the United States. For more information, contact us at shipping@liquidation.com .


    Wholesale Wholesale Clothing Wholesale Jewelry Wholesale Computers Wholesale Electronics Wholesale General Merchandise
    Wholesale Housewares Wholesale Tools Wholesale Vehicles Wholesale Store Fixtures

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