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Grades of Sony TVs

Grades gives insight into condition for resale

When Sony televisions arrive in a warehouse, the units have already been fully tested and graded. Every Sony TV has a final grade reflective of its functionality, cosmetics and accessory kitting. Functionality and cosmetic notes specific to each unit are included on the test label, where the final grade impacts where and how the units are resold.

Testing of Sony televisions consists of serviceable tests on the overall functionality of the unit along with an evaluation of the accessory and cosmetic kitting; results of these tests are included on the units by a label. While functionally tested, these units are not being refurbished during inspection and should not be considered as refurbished unless the condition indicates otherwise.

GRADE A: Sony televisions marked as a Grade A are in ‘like new’ condition and are fully functional with very minor cosmetic imperfections not seen from a viewing distance. These units also have all their accessories intact, giving sellers the opportunity to sell to end-users.

GRADES B AND C: Units with a Grade B or C may exhibit functionality issues, cosmetic issues and/or missing accessories. Functional issues may impair viewing or have impacts on ancillary functions; to see unit specific issues please refer to the auction detail page.

These units could be resold as-is provided details of any imperfections with the unit, as displayed on the test evaluation, are provided. Resellers who have the ability to repair, or re-kit, units are encouraged to do so as they can increase the value.

While the above provides an overview of these grades, remember it’s very important to review the auction listing for full details before placing a bid.

Most auctions include photos of the television boxes in the lot, complete with test label and results of the evaluation. For example, on the label to the left, a check mark indicates the unit passed or contains a specific accessory, while an ‘x’ indicates if the unit failed or does not include an accessory.

Issues noted as minor may include, but is not limited to, inoperative ports, adapters and/or missing accessories. Whereas major issues may include but is not limited to issues regarding pixel(s), audio and/or the screen. Refer to the comments section of the label for any noted issues found during the evaluation.

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