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Online Shoppers Especially Prudent, But At Least They’re Buying
Investor's Business Daily — December 24, 2009

Slow sales of big-ticket items are good news for Liquidity Services (LQDT). Companies sell excess inventory through its in bulk, mostly to small businesses, through auctions. “We know now that consumers are very focused on essential items and are staying away from higher-end discretionary items,” Angrick said. “So we have seen an influx of larger-screen LCD TVs, a lot of jewelry accessories, higher-end apparel, high-end fitness equipment and home theater gaming systems. These products are not selling as rapidly as expected and as a result are being pulled from the shelves and sold through our channels. Read more>

Three Best Ways to Sell Excess Holiday Merchandise
Wall Street Journal — December 23, 2009

What happens when your sweaters or electronics aren’t sold before the Christmas holiday? Instead of drastically marking down merchandise for post-holiday sales, there are a few ways to unload excess inventory without severely hurting your bottom line. Read more>

Liquidity Services CEO on Consumers
Fox Business — December 23, 2009

CEO Bill Angrick weighs in on the state of the wholesale services industry. Read more>

Wholesale warehouse in Garland attracts buyers, sellers
WFAA-ABC News Dallas — December 15, 2009

From televisions to bicycles to Guitar Hero and even a shower, in Garland is a packed with inventory. The giant warehouse is a distribution center for an online auction marketplace. is part of an emerging industry built on what won’t sell in stores or on major websites. It basically helps those stores clear their shelves. Read more>

Discount Galore at
TXA 21 News First, Dallas-Fort Worth — December 16, 2009

Christmas Countdown
WFAA News 8, Dallas-Fort Worth — December 15, 2009

Wholesale warehouse in Garland attracts buyers, sellers
WFAA-ABC News Dallas — December 15, 2009

From televisions to bicycles to Guitar Hero and even a shower, in Garland is a packed with inventory. The giant warehouse is a distribution center for an online auction marketplace. is part of an emerging industry built on what won’t sell in stores or on major websites. It basically helps those stores clear their shelves. Read more>

How to Sell on Amazon and eBay
New York Times — December 2, 2009

Figuring Out the Basics to sell on eBay and Amazon. Find a reliable wholesaler who offers low enough prices to generate high enough profit margins on resale. Finding the right wholesaler can require an extensive search. Many sellers, Mr. McGrath said, source their products offline, through local wholesalers or flea markets. Comparison shopping can still be done online, using sites like and eBay, which offer wholesale items in bulk. Read more>

Low Retail Inventory Levels Lead to Liquidators’ ‘Restock Tuesday’
Auctionbytes — December 1, 2009

“ said the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is traditionally one of its heaviest shopping days of the year as online and offline merchants restock their shelves following two of the busiest consumer shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The online auction marketplace is anticipating 50% more auction sales on “Restock Tuesday” this year compared to a year ago and has increased staffing at its six nationwide warehouse locations. Read more>

“Cyber Monday” Now Cyber Week
News Channel 5 Dallas — December 1, 2009

Retail Web sites tried to keep up the strong sales pace Monday that began over the Thanksgiving weekend. This is the day that the industry pitches as “Cyber Monday,” and Web sites have been offering deals aimed at attracting holiday shoppers., an online auction site with a warehouse in Garland, predicted Cyber Monday would kick off its busiest week of the year. Read more>

Cranbury liquidator’s warehouse is abuzz on Restock Tuesday
The New Jersey Star Ledger — December 1, 2009

First there was Black Friday, a holiday devoted to shopping — or avoiding it. Then came Cyber Monday, the online equivalent. But what's Restock Tuesday? Call it a holiday for the retail underworld, known as liquidation. It's an emerging industry, built on what won't sell in stores or on major Web sites, and it does its best business now through January. The worse retailers do, the better liquidators fair as they take on the excess and sell it in online auctions. Read more>

Cyber Week at
NBC5 News First@Four, Dallas-Fort Worth — November 30, 2009 Gives Away TVs in Holiday Promotion
Auctionbytes — November 25, 2009 is running a promotion in which it is giving away one 42-inch Vizio HDTV every week until the end of the year. The online-auction marketplace for surplus inventory wants users to know it is making available single-unit quantities this holiday season in addition to the larger lot sizes traditionally offered. Read more>

Saving with 6 ABC
Channel 6 Action News, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — November 6, 2009

Small business auction site offers deals
ABC News Channel 6, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — November 6, 2009

A 42-inch plasma tv for $250. A $690 Coleman generator for $220. A $250 Stanley tool set for $75 or an $820 Broil-King grill for $382.These are just a few of the items that sold recently on auction site The website has six warehouses nationwide, including one in Cranbury, New Jersey, which we visited. Read more>

Liquidity Services thrives on excess
The Record — November 5, 2009

In an industrial zone off the New Jersey Turnpike in Cranbury, there’s a large, hangar-like building that could be called the Warehouse of Retail Rejects. Inside the 48,000-square-foot structure, workers sort, inspect and repackage everything from exercise bicycles to big-screen televisions for resale. The warehouse, one of six owned around the country by Liquidity Services Inc., is where some of the country’s biggest retailers funnel their overstocks, returned items and damaged goods. On a recent weekday, the place looked like a retailer’s worst nightmare, with dozens of big-ticket items such as flat-panel televisions lined up in rows, along with stacks of laptop computers, and piles of Wii video-game consoles. Read more>

Show Me the Money
Indy Channel 6 News, Indianapolis, — Indiana October 28, 2009

Show Me the Money: Liquidation Warehouse Offers Steep Discounts
News Channel 6, Indianapolis, Indiana — October 28, 2009

Todd Wallace explores how allows customers to bid on deeply discounted items. Read more>

Deals on Government Surplus Items
NBC 4 at 6, Columbus, Ohio — October 2, 2009

Discounts and Deals at
NBC 4 News at 5, Washington, D.C. — September 29, 2009

125,000 Square Feet of Bargains
NBC 5 Dallas, Texas — September 24, 2009

Outfitting the “man cave” with top of the line equipment just got easier. sells the best electronics for next to nothing. Only one trick, you have to start online and bid for what you want. Think eBaywithout the Grandma doilies and outrageous shipping fees because you can pick up your stuff at a local warehouse. “You can buy just about anything over here,” said customer Antoine Abssy. Read more>

Get Great Deals on Electronics, Toys and More
NBC 10 News Today, Philadelphia — September 23, 2009

Big Deal: 60-Inch TVs for $400
BC Los Angeles, California — September 21, 2009

You’ll find big savings on big screen TVs — and other stuff for your home at and its six national warehouse distribution centers. Read more>

A Warehouse Full of Great Deals
NBC 5 News, Dallas-Forth Worth — September 18, 2009

Featured Profile:
Wholesale Source Magazine — August 1, 2009

For small and medium-sized businesses that make money by selling tangible goods, is a wonderful tool for the critical task of finding a reliable source of inventory at the right price. is meeting that need for over 1.1 million registered buyers through its solid relationships with key large retailers and manufacturers that regularly sell overstock, consumer returns, shelf-pulls and seasonal merchandise through its online channel. Please turn to page 80-81 to read the article. Read more>

Debunking the Myths of Customer Returns and the Use of Liquidation Channels
ROI Magazine — July 7, 2009

No retailer (including store, catalog and online merchants) wants to see products returned, but as the National Retail Federation reported in 2008, more than $219 billion of merchandise made its way back to retail stores through consumer returns. Many astute companies, however, are winning customer loyalty, decreasing costs and creating positive revenue by effectively managing their returns processes. Read more>

Summer looks like a washout for some retailers
Associated Press — June 30, 2009

As consumers get ready to celebrate July Fourth, many merchants already have dismissed summer as a washout. Bill Angrick, CEO of Liquidity Services, which auctions surplus goods to dollar stores and small resellers, said that in the past stores had usually held out hope for procrastinators and didn’t unload summer items until early August. But “there is no normal in this economic cycle,” so merchants are cutting their losses. Read more>

Online marketplace fills the reverse-supply pipeline
Waste & Recycling News — June 8, 2009

“The carbon footprint of a traditional live auction event versus a virtual online solution is not even comparable. And what we’ve found is that our clients view us as a green channel because they can recover value by disposing of items as usable items and not as waste.” Read more>

How your undies track the recession
MSN Money — May 27, 2009

Guys, if you want to know where the economy is headed next, look in your underwear drawer. If you’re like most men, you’ve got more than a few skivvies in, well, less than perfect condition. It’s one of several unusual indicators economists turn to in hard times. We went looking through them in a quest for the much-discussed “green shoots” of an imminent recovery. The amount of stuff consumers return to stores can also tell us when a rebound is in store, says William Angrick, the chief of Liquidity Services. Read more>

Bright Ideas for the Economy
CBS Evening News with Katie Couric — May 20, 2009

Liquidation warehouse gets in gear
Arkansas Democrat Gazette — April 20, 2009

Bundles of flat-panel televisions, DVD players and other electronics wrapped in clear, heavy-duty plastic sit on pallets inside a warehouse, awaiting potential buyers via Internet auction. Read more>

Liquidity Services offers deals on items procured from various surplus sources
Benton County Daily Record — April 9, 2009

In an 85,000-square-foot warehouse in Bentonville, Cayce Roy walked through aisle after aisle of all sorts of merchandise. “What we do,” Roy explained, “is offer every product category from a variety of sources to our buyers. We have 1.1 million registered buyers who participate in our auctions. Some people are interested in supplying their own business, beginning a business or selling products on eBay or Craigslist. Read more>

Liquidation Business Booming In Recession
ABC News 40/29 - Bentonville, Arkansas — April 8, 2009

Some people are taking it upon themselves to stimulate the economy by becoming Internet sales entrepreneurs.They’re visiting an 80,000-square-foot warehouse in Bentonville where thousands of returned, damaged or unsold items are being bought in bulk by people hoping to make some money on a sale.”You hear stories all the time about people who have started their own businesses and are doing very well,” said Cayce Roy of Read more> Reporting Record Sales
KNWA Live at 6:00, Arkansas — April 8, 2009

In the Know: Record Sales for
KFTA Fox 24 News Edge, Arkansas — April 8, 2009 and the Economy
KCBS 2 News at 5, Los Angeles, California — March 30, 2009

Riding Out the Recession
KCAL 9 News at 4, Los Angeles, California — March 27, 2009

Business is Booming for
KABC 7 Eyewitness News at 6, Los Angeles, California — March 26, 2009

Liquidity Services helps companies clear shelves
New Jersey Star Ledger — March 18, 2009

As big-box retailers struggle with consumers who have reined in their spending, liquidators have become a second sales channel for consumers and small businesses that are looking for bargains and don’t mind buying items that are nearly new but not in perfect condition. Liquidity Services sells a little bit of everything in its auctions, including consumer home theater systems, iPods, video games, furniture a nd department store shelves. Some of the products are returns and some are damaged. The customers are mostly other businesses and some consumers who bid online to buy wooden pallets full of unsold products. Read more>

Angrick On Excess Inventory
Globe Street — March 16, 2009

One retailer’s unsold or returned items - and even its store fixtures - can become another company’s treasure, as entrepreneurs are rapidly discovering online. In the past year, Washington, DC-based Liquidity Services Inc., an online auction site for excess merchandise, has seen unprecedented growth, and has even launched a new category - selling the fixtures of shuttering stores. Bill Angrick, CEO, spoke with about how the resale market benefits the buyers, sellers and even the environment as the ultimate form of recycling. Read more>

Cash-hungry U.S. states turn to Web to auction goods
Reuters — March 13, 2009

U.S. municipalities, strapped for cash as the recession decimates revenues, are stepping up sales of everything from old police cars, helicopters and bicycles to confiscated jewelry and slot machines in an effort to reduce swollen deficits. And municipalities that previously relied on old-fashioned auctions conducted in local parking lots are getting more sophisticated, turning to the online world as they seek to maximize their sales. Read more>

Cash is king for companies facing hard times
Reuters — February 10, 2009

Liquidity Services Inc which runs the retail inventory auction website, said struggling retailers are paying much closer attention to their inventory levels. Volume on the website was eight times above 2007 levels even before Christmas last year, as retailers sent goods straight to auction to raise cash, without even trying to sell them on their shelves. Read more>

Low sales lead to a lift in liquidation
NPR's Marketplace — February 5, 2009

The central New Jersey distribution center of is a pretty good snapshot of the disastrous holiday shopping season, even more than a month later. Pallets are stacked up to the ceiling, loaded with apparel, flat-screen TVs, even food. There are more goods moving through this warehouse than ever before. And it’s not just the scratch-and-dent stuff you might be thinking. Read more>

La Oportunidad Que Esperaba
Telemundo 52 Buenos Días, Los Angeles, California — January 9, 2009

Returns, Overstocked Gifts Pile Up at Indiana Warehouse
WRTV News Channel 6, Indianapolis, Indiana — January 7, 2009

The tough economy has forced Americans to return $47 billion worth of Christmas presents. That’s up $7 billion compared to last year. Some are using these returns to find great deals and turn their own finances around using a warehouse in Plainfield. In Plainfield, a warehouse is full of giant flat screen televisions, digital cameras, Guitar Heroes and iPods. Read more>

Returned merchandise market is booming
WTHR News Channel 13, Indianapolis, Indiana — January 7, 2009

An Indiana company is reaping the rewards of all those holiday returns and pulling in big profits from selling overstocked items, often at deep discounts.’s largest warehouses nationwide sits in Plainfield, Ind., Call 6’s Rafael Sanchez reported. Overstocked items, returns that stores can’t sell and damaged merchandise end up at the huge facility, where the goods are inspected, sorted, photographed and auctioned off online to registered buyers. Many of the items are resold to people with online businesses or who sell the merchandise on eBay or Craigslist. Read more>

La Oportunidad Que Esperaba
Telemundo 52, Los Angeles, California — January 7, 2009

Dinorah Perez de Telemundo 52 Los Angeles nos presenta un reportaje que es una oportunidad, cientos de articulos practamento nuevos a precios rebajadisimos. Read more>

Returns, Overstocked Gifts Pile Up at Indiana Warehouse
WRTV 6 News, Indianapolis, Indiana — January 7, 2009

Buyer’s Remorse: Final Blow To Stores’ Painful Holiday
Investor's Business Daily — January 5, 2009

It’s a new year, but the weakest season for holiday retail sales since at least 1970 could worsen still. The ghost of Christmas past haunting store results is returns. The economic pinch “has created the expectation that this year’s volume of returns will be up considerably,” said Bill Angrick, chief executive of Liquidity Services (LQDT), an auction firm retailers use to dispose of returns in bulk. Read more>

Retail Woes Bring Cheer to Liquidators
Minneapolis Star Tribune — January 4, 2009

These are sunny days for the merchants of doom. Retailers across the nation may be going bankrupt, closing stores and watching unsold goods pile up, but that spells unprecedented buying — and selling — opportunities for the liquidators and salvagers who resell all that unwanted merchandise. Read more>

Shedding Excess Inventory
Chain Store Age — January 1, 2009

Retailing has always been a gamble, with inventory management perhaps the consummate game of chance. In times of economic peril, the stakes are even higher. To quote a country-music legend: "You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away, know when to run." This is the month to run—at least in terms of moving excess inventories through the point of sale at deep discounts or back through the supply chain. Although each of these venues has proved worthwhile for selling small quantities of product to consumers, the bigger challenges are off-loading large volumes of multi-million dollar inventories. For transactions on this scale, Best Buy has partnered with Washington, D.C.-based LSI, which enables the retailer to liquidate pallets and even full truckloads of excess product. Read more>

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