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A Buyer’s Experience: Strategy

From Bidding to Shipping

Having spent hundreds of thousands on countless transactions on over the past couple of years, it has become one of my routine go-to places for sourcing inventory. But how to be sure you are getting the best deal at the best possible price without being ripped off into fluffed listing that will lose money?

In this final installment of my 3-part series depicting my experiences with, having already covered the seller, and merchandise conditions, will be to focus on my bidding strategy and shipping consolidation.

BIDDING: Generally, I scout all the lots that I would like to bid on the night before, this way I don’t miss anything important. By placing a single bid on each of those listings, they would automatically be tracked in my account for easy tracking. If I don’t expect to be available the next day, I simply place the maximum bid on each auction. However, my advice is to never bid whole numbers, bid a little bit above the default incremental bids instead to throw off other auction participants.

For items up to $500, the increment is $10
For items between $500-$1000, the increment is $25
For items between $1000-$1250, the increment is $50
For items between $1250-$1500, the increment is $75
And above that is $100

So, the trick is, if your maximum bid for the lot is $1,000, try something like $1,001 instead. This way you would outbid someone even if they had bid $1,000 on the lot and it would automatically go up to the next increment.

SHIPPING CONSOLIDATION: When consolidating lots, it must be from the same warehouse and paid together, actually gives you a couple weeks to pay so that you can pick-up multiple lots that ends on different days. It is a great way to save money on shipping. The lots are placed together on pallets and shipped to you by UPS freight. For heavier items, this can result in great savings as the actual incremental fees for additional pallets is much less than the minimum fee that is charged by a single pallet.

For any issues, just contact customer support, they are great at handling issues to make sure the buyers are happy. Absolutely do not file chargebacks or 3rd party dispute unless absolutely necessary or you would be no longer welcomed as a customer.

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