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Home Improvement Resell Market

A large secondary market opportunity

Consumer reports conducted a survey with their readers on experience with 18 common projects - from building an addition on a house to painting a room - and 40% had at least one problem, if not more.

Home repairs and improvements can add significant value to a home, but it does come at a cost. Home Advisor projects the national average for remodeling multiple rooms is $38,724; however, the typical range is $17,050 - $62,751 depending on location and the type of remodel. With these high costs, some home owners take it upon themselves to do as much as they can on their own and only bring in the professionals for the more complicated aspects. Personally, we’d rather a professional tackle the electrical instead to avoid getting ourselves electrocuted.

WAYFAIR: is one of the world’s largest online destinations for consumers in need of home décor from furniture to lighting to bedding and more – everything consumers need for a remodel! As with all major retailers, customers do many returns. It could be as simple as the item didn’t go with the room, it was too big/small, or they had a change of heart. Wayfair does accept these returns, but where do they go?

The Wayfair facilities in Toronto, Canada uses the warehouse in Brampton, Ontario to liquidate consumer returned merchandise. Wholesalers can expect many auctions on with starting bids as low as $100.

Wayfair even has many, wonderful buying guides on flooring, lighting, bath fixtures, and more to educate consumers on what to look for when purchasing such items. Having this information handy will give you insight into what your buyers may want!

MOM TIP: Not sure of a target audience for this merchandise? Think of families with small children – they don’t want to spend a fortune on interior decorating as their kids are likely to decorate with food and crayons. If you target mothers with small children, you are likely to find ideal customers for this merchandise.

While home décor is the best part of any remodel, there is some grunt work that needs to be completed first – this may take the longest, but with the right tools a person can accomplish anything. With the top home improvement retailers of Lowes, Home Depot and in the market today, there is an abundance of surplus from these retailers and has all of them.

There are 3 divisions of Home Depot currently available on, and all contain the quality brands consumers want: Dewalt, Ryobi, American Standard, and more! Source merchandise by the pallet or truckload and save on shipping by picking up from our Plainfield, IN, North Las Vegas, NV or North Wilkesboro, NC warehouse.

HOMEDEPOTSTORES: consists of returned merchandise to a Home Depot Store

HOMEDEPOTONLINE: consists of returned merchandise from Home Depot's site

HOMEDEPOT_HOMEDECORATORS: consists of returned Home Decorator merchandise

Based in our North Las Vegas warehouse, we have appliances, lighting and more from top brands like Samsung and Kohler. While this merchandise is unused, they do indicate warehouse damage on a few listings – giving you insight into what you’re bidding on.

On, this seller can be found with the seller name BuildDotCom (get it?) and is primarily based in our Plainfield, IN warehouse. Unlike some of our other Home Improvement sellers, does have a few salvage lots from time to time. Unless you are a professional buyer who can take damaged products and either fix or sell them to repair shops, recommends other condition types instead.

Merchandise from this seller may include plumbing, hardware, lighting, appliances, and more from tops brands such as Baldwin, Frigidaire, Kohler, Elkay, American Standard, and more!

With these great retailers on, wholesale buyers have a wide selection to choose from for their individual reseller needs.

As a reminder, the ‘Returns’ condition were assets sold to a customer, who then either physically brought the item back to a store or mailed it to a specified location. Reasons for returning a product may not have any correlation to its utility (i.e., size, color, model, etc.), and as a result may be in fine working order.

The majority of returns, however, do have some operational and/or cosmetic problems. Depending on a company's return policy, these items may also reflect a measurable amount of use. In addition, since most of these items are sent through a reverse supply chain (e.g. from a customer back to a store or a centralized warehouse), they can show signs of further handling. Timestamped products, such as food, supplements, car seats, and refrigerators, may be expired.

They generally do not come in their original packaging and often do not have any of the advertised documentation or additional parts and/or accessories. Accordingly, returns can exhibit a wide range of individual product and package conditions that can differ substantially from the original manufacturing.

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