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How to Enable SMS Alerts

Get outbid alerts via text message

After spending time researching which products to sell, and which auction was right for you, don’t let it slip through your grasp by being outbid by another buyer. has a new feature to give you real-time alerts when you’ve been outbid on an auction. When you’ve been outbid, we’ll send you a text message and the ability to increase your bid with a simple tap. This way you can continue to be a winner bidder even on-the-go.

To sign up for these text message alerts, login to your account and select ‘Personal Information’ under your account settings.

Open the ‘Phones & Faxes’ tab and ensure your correct phone number listed on this screen accepts text messages. If a new number needs to be added, select ‘Add New Phone Number’. When your number is added, select ‘Enable SMS’ to activate this feature.

If you wish to receive these alerts at any time, you don’t need to do anything else. However, if you wish to receive these texts on certain days or during certain hours, you can specify below your phone number.

You may disable SMS alerts at any time, by clicking ‘Disable SMS’ from this screen.

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