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Profitability of Books

Profit over $1,000 a week with new & used books

Many first-time liquidated sellers begin their business ventures with reselling books, and many can make over $1,000 a week through channels such as eBay or Amazon. With budget-conscious consumers in high demand of new and used books to read for pleasure, school, professional growth, or for decoration purposes, buying bulk books can prove very profitable to grow your business.

On, bulk book lots come with a wide variety of genres – fiction, coffee table editions, textbooks, etc. so when receiving the merchandise, it may seem overwhelming as there’s no one clear place to start, but before thinking about where to post we recommend starting with these steps to resell.

SORT MERCHANDISE: Take inventory of the books received by cataloging into groups based on genre and/or condition.

Never assume a books value – it might just surprise you to be worth a bit more.

Take into account any markings, ear folds or ripped pages.

RESEARCH AND COMPARE PRICES ONLINE: Researching online each books resale value and where the book is currently being offered for sale is time consuming. Reduce your time and use reputable sites to identify where the book is selling and how much it’s selling for as this will give you a baseline for where to sell and how much to list.

BOOKFINDER.COM: Type in the author, book title or ISNB number and this site crawls the web to identify the marketplaces where the book is currently being offered.

EMPTY MIRROR BOOKS: While rare, liquidated book lots can contain first editions – and often times resellers aren’t aware they have them in their inventory! This site gives information on how to identify if a book is a first edition.

DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS: Liquidated books aren’t often in new condition, as they’ve been handled a few times. Be clear in your listings about the books condition: detail all markings, wear and tear, water damage, and any other flaws.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Ever hear a picture is worth a thousand words? When buying online, photos are everything. Invest the time to take quality photos showing the conditions noted in the description along with detailed photos of the books front, back, spine and inside copyright and title pages. With the description and photos on the listing, buyers shouldn’t have questions allowing for a quick and easy sell.

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