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Security Tags

How to remove without issue

You’ve worked hard to source a clothing lot, only for it to arrive and it has a security tag still on the piece of clothing. This happens a lot with Shelf-Pulled merchandise, since it’s taken from the shelves or stock room and packed up for the reverse supply chain.

Seeing the security tag on clothing merchandise can be very frustrating as it adds another step to process your inventory. And what if removing the tag damages the product? Rather than this being a stressful issue, make it easy with these simple tips on how to remove those tags.

UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC DETACHER: When sourcing from a variety of retailers, the type of security tag being used can vary, which makes a universal detacher a smart buy. Since magnetic detachers can range between $40 - $100, something to keep in mind when selecting one is the GS (Gauss). The GS is the strength of the magnet, and the higher the number, the more powerful the magnet. Between 12000GS and 20000GS should be able to remove all the major security tags you’ll encounter.

DO-IT-YOURSELF: There are many DIY ways to remove these sensors, with and without ink packs. However, these can be risky so we advise against them if possible. If you are the adventurous type and want to give it a shot before making the investment on a magnet, the videos below approach the sensors in 2 very different ways:

A Dad-Hack using 2 forks

Tape, Scissors, Pliers and a Lighter

It goes without saying these methods should only be used on purchased merchandise. does not recommend these practices on merchandised not purchased.

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