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Private vs Established Listings

The biggest advantage of selling on Amazon is the buying culture of their users. Customers don’t come to Amazon to shop, they come to buy. They’ve already made their decision to buy, now they are going to look for the lowest price and make the purchase.

ESTABLISHED PRODUCTS: On Amazon, the listing description are rather easy since they can be fairly basic. No need to struggle on what to write or getting the right photos – it will sell so long as you have the best price. When working with establish products that sell on Amazon, this allows you the time to focus on sourcing or working with suppliers for additional inventory to expand the product line.

PRIVATE LABELS: These listings require additional key details in order to get them perfect for selling. A lot of effort will go into the descriptions and the photos in order for these listings to rank in line with – or higher – than the established products. If there are technical specifications – include all of them. If one is not easily known, research to get it. This is incredibly important as the customer wants to ensure they are buying the right product.

Unlike established products, you need to create a value for these private labels. The more information you provide – the stronger the listing will be and the likelihood your items sell improves. So be descriptive, take as many photos – or video – as possible and answer questions from prospective buyers. It will be time intensive, but when you’ve found a working solution you can sit back and monitor the sales.

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