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Benefits of Sourcing

Why Online Sourcing is Best

The immediate benefits of sourcing online are obvious as there are savings in time, money and other resources. However, with so many options, buyers must learn to recognize partners who not only provide a consistent flow of quality merchandise but are also proven to be trustworthy.

QUICK SALES CYCLE: Online B2B auction sites typically run auction listings for an average of 2-5 days. This short time frame enables small businesses to acquire product quicker than through traditional sourcing that can take weeks and months to complete a transaction, especially when seeking new partnerships.

FLEXIBLE QUANTITIES: Look for a sourcing partner that can grow with you, by making sure they have a broad range of inventory sources across all categories. While you may get larger quantities of goods for a better price per item, you may only need a limited number of an item to fulfill your customer needs – or to try a new line of inventory. Establishing relationships with online sites can provide shipments in a variety of sizes, from small package to full truck load and help prepare your business for any event.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Establish relationships with liquidation partners who have the capacity to provide inventory across a wide-range of categories on a consistent basis. Additionally, partners who have both mixed SKU and single SKU lot options as both support your business inventory needs depending on the current demand.

DETAILED INFORMATION: Sourcing from sites where no images, video, manifest, or detailed description of the merchandise is provided should be avoided. Instead, focus on sites where merchandise conditions are detailed, manifests are provided, photos are given, shipping dimensions, and description of the lot is provided. This information will allow you to make an informed buying decision and calculate all costs associated with the lot to identify if you’ll have a profit window.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: Shipping is a big aspect of sourcing online, as the location of the merchandise isn’t down the street from your business. Often times it’s scattered across the country and the larger quantities purchased could result in some hefty shipping costs. Knowing these estimated costs prior to bidding, can help ensure your purchase price stays within your budget, and on the path to profits.

Bonus if the sourcing partner provides multiple shipment options from pick-up to arranging your own shipping and using their in-house discounted rates with freight carriers. For shipping options on, we offer pick up, arranging your own shipping and shipping consolidation.

SECURE ENVIRONMENT: Top-rated sourcing sites will not only process your transactions in a secure manner, but they will also offer a secure dispute resolution process to ensure your satisfaction in your purchase. Listings are not always perfect, and since millions of items process through the reverse supply chain every day, things can happen. Having a dispute settlement process helps to ensure you – the buyer – is protected.

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